End of Day 3, lots of progress

Day 3's over, and I got done: I'm really pleased with this so far. I've got a lot to do, but I think I'll finish! Here's a screenie for y'all:

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We're jealous!
wow, looks great - the clouds are upside down though!
Thanks guys! :D

@eigenbom: Seriously? lol, I think they look good the way they are. Bah! Now I'll probably spend the rest of the compo trying to make them look better... ;)
I am humbled. :O

This... Wow. I kinda wish my game was this good... Hm.

I gotta say, this has really been an eye-opener for me. I thought I was good at making games, but now I see that I have a really long way to go. This is amazing.

I'm flabbergasted. And I really mean it. I have no idea how you accomplished this as fast as you did.

I'm sorry ^^; I'm just really shocked at how slowly mine is coming along compared to everyone else's.

Even though I've been around for quite a while, there are always games that impress me. It's one of the reasons I like this place so much. :)
@Akake as I understand it pymike's using retrogamelib which is his own lib so he's always going to have that little leg up on everyone else :)

The art is looking awesome though, and I'm jealous of the skills at work :)

Really, retrogamelib is a very minimal library. (I helped pymike build it.) I think it's mostly just the fact that pymike is amazing. He humbles the best of us :) It helps that he has made so many games, and especially so many platformers, he he.

I think this is the best platformer you've made pymike, and if you can back that up with some interesting level design beyond just the first one, it will be great.
Oh, I forgot to add that.

"And pymike is amazing." :)

Haha, thanks guys :)