BubbMan 2 - Your best times

Because time attacking is fun and all that, I'm posting some times for you to beat in BubbMan 2. If you beat a time, post it here!

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Level 1: 17.6s
Level 6: 20.3s
Level 2: 13.6s
Level 3: 16.4s
Awesome game :)
Level 2: 13.2s

Nice times guys!
Level 4: 17.9s
Level 6: 19.9
Level 5: 33.9s
Level 5: 33.7s
Oh yes!
Oh SNAP. My top on level 5 is 33.9s. Good job jakob.
Whoops! Talk about stating the obvious, lol, forgot I posted my time.
Level 1: 17.4
Level 5: 32.7


Sorry kent, my high on level 1 is 17.3 :) Mwahahaha! You got me on 5 though, you're getting wicked good at the game.
Level 1: 17.1s
Level 3: 16.3s (16.2 on upper-right counter)
Level 2: 12.9s
Level 4: 17.4s
Level 4: 17.6s

I'm pretty impressed considering I was struggling to complete level 1 on sunday, my current times are:
1: 17.8
2: 13.6
3: 16.6
4: 17.6
5: 44.8 :(
6: 24.5

oh damn you HanClinto I had this page open while playing and you beat my level 4 high score before I even posted/completed it :(

Level 4: 17.3s

Oh man, now you got me all motivated. :-P

I was able to match your time with my old strategy, but I wasn't able to beat it like that...

Then I noticed something that gave me a new strategy that (ab)uses at least one feature.
Level 4: 16.7s

You people do know there's other games to play, right? :)

Richard, I think you're just a spoiled sport because you're not in on the time-attack action. ;)

Normally I put a lot of work into exhaustively judging and writing good feedback on all games (usually spend more time judging games than I do actually creating my entry), but since this year I didn't create an entry (and therefore can't vote), I'm in no hurry to play through the games as quickly as possible.

Oh btw, lowered another time.
Level 2: 12.8s

So yeah, maybe you're right Richard -- perhaps it is time to move on. :) I guess I could at least leave unofficial feedback in the comments...

HanClinto: My 17.3 was using that bug :( if it's the checkpoint bug? You can tell because my score is lower which means it reset... i'll try and beat you again later.
Level 4: 16.4, also a video record.
Level 1: 17.0, video.
Level 3: 16.2, video.
Level 5 without throwing rocks: 35.8s
ROFL @ Level 4 kent, you guys have wayyyyyyy too much time on your hands figuring out stunts like that :D

And thanks for posting image/video proof.
@jakob: Wow, that's only a few seconds slower than the record for level 5 with rocks. O.O
@kent: I managed to tie your score for level 3.
I don't think anything faster than 16.4 is available on level 4.. I just got 16.4 too... I was missing the trick at the start, although I've got a slightly different one than Kent, it works out the same.
Level 1: 16.9s
bencoder, what's your trick on level4? and great job squeezing one more tenth out of level1!
Well I don't seem to be able to do the mini jump under the fish like you can so I jump from the second step on the left, straight into the water underneath the fish and then time it right to bounce off the water(you can bounce off water if you time the jump just right) I dont think it saves any time on your way, but it's easier for me to do.
Well, the trick I did is the same: I was just running into the water and jumping then.

I tried it bencoder's way and, well...

Level 4: 16.3.

I think I'll leave this bugs in in the post-pyweek version, it makes it more fun doing speed runs. Who knows? I might make them features!

And kent, you are sick at this game. :D
Oh man kent, nice job. I don't think I can beat that.
I've gotta stop this.

Level 1: 16.8 (16.7 in top right)
Sorry, wrong link. Correct one
All levels, 0.0 seconds. I love hacking.
I decided to record a video of the no-stone speedrun if anyone is interested. It's far from perfect, but it shows it is very much possible. Here it is.
Great job, jakob!
I beat it without throwing rocks - final time: 110.4 seconds.
YES! I got 16.0 seconds on level 3. Finally the developer owns the record for a level LOL
haha congrats pymike :D
heh, nice job, Pymike. :) Is that with the new version? Or with the old version? Are there differences?
The newer version. However there aren't any gameplay changes, except for water jumping and wall sliding. Neither are used in level 3 though. ;)