bencoder's entries

17 MoonBase Defender DNF
15 My game DNF
12 All there in the manual All there in the manual DNF
11 Solo Game DNF
10 Unicycle racer Doom central 2.59
9 High Tech Low Life DNF
8 mutANTs Part 1: Mandible Mayhem Cylon Raiders 2.61
8 SheepDog DNF
7 Lunar Delivery 2.96

bencoder's awards

Tar Bomber Presented by pykler for Cylon Raiders

Froze my computer Presented by shundread for Cylon Raiders

Twist on an old classic Presented by saluk for SINAA- Lunar Delivery

"Interplanetary Delivery Service of the 31st Century" Award Presented by HanClinto for SINAA- Lunar Delivery