My name is Jakob. At least that is what I am told. So, I'm a pretty much self taught programmer and when I'm not programming I enjoy things like making music, 3d-modeling, all sorts of things, really.

jakob's entries

9 Maybe it'll be alright DNF
8 Everybody loves the Circus Invasion Camel Walrus Studios 2.26
7 Roam Unbent, Heartfelt Nightsong Camel walrus studios 3.14
6 Ghetto VIking: The prophecy Ghetto VIking: The prophecy 2.75

jakob's awards

Press the left mouse button to fire the ducks! Presented by cyhawk for Camel Walrus Studios

obligatory sheep joke award! Presented by htormey for Camel Walrus Studios

Pyglet rocks award! Presented by htormey for Camel Walrus Studios

Mysterius Ambient Award Presented by claxo for Camel walrus studios

No Tea Presented by alia for Camel walrus studios

Eaten By a Grue! Presented by saluk for Camel walrus studios

I'm a mammoth - biggest pakcage size Presented by riq for Camel walrus studios