Ghetto VIking: The prophecy

Robot was created to love, now he brings only death. Control him on his crusade through the dozens of human-infested cities of the planet Earth, and use your chainsaw to free the inhabitants of their mortal burdens in this platform kill 'em up. A fun and non-innovative game for the whole family!


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Overall: 2.7
Fun: 3
Production: 2.9
Innovation: 2.3

Respondents: 25


File Uploader Date
final entry
j-1 2008/04/06 03:05
I am amazed we got this far in just one week. All the graphics are placeholders, since we are still awaiting the graphics... There are some major bugs as well, but hey, one day left
j-1 2008/04/04 13:44

Diary Entries

Beware: gangstah barbarians approacing

At last, I have registered our entry. Not that I am a leader type, but i forcefully claim the adminship of our team! Any who oppose me are likely to be eaten by a grue.

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Vem luktar godast?

As of now, we are fully armed for the competition! We decided to host our svn database on Google code (using Sourceforge or Savannah seemed a bit overkill).

The url is


On the subject of sleep

My evil master plan involving skipping one night in order to fall asleep early and wake up right about when the theme was announced failed! I slept 6 hours too many and am feeling sluggish.

SO! Robots, is it? Nice, though a little expected. Now we can skip all the gore programming (which was to be used if 'mashed' won) and...yeah, what now?!


Skating robot horror

After two days of programming, suddenly a horrible thought crossed my mind: What if we do not make it in time? What if we break the code when it needs to be uploaded? Why are we putting ourselves through with this?

After much contemplation, I present to you Ghetto Viking: Skating Robot Horror!
Check it out with

svn checkout skating-robot-horror-read-only

Now for something completely different:
These are Rkeys suggestions for an evil robot capable of starting World War 5:

We expect it to develop into something more sinister, though. By itself. Beyond our control. You know how it works.

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Collision control makes Robot want to kill

This horrible thursday was lost almost entirely to implementing collision detection/response. One would think it would not be so hard, since it's just in 2d, but I can't get it to tick. Could somebody point me to a good resource allowed by the rules on how to do this? I can detect a collision quite easily, but it is the moving-back-to-prevent-overlap part that breaks it... I guess we'll waste another day doing this.

However, I did have time to implement a nice (well, working) menu system, and Jakob made some nive HUMAN-KILL-GORE. You can see the menu as a screenshot (the thumbnail doesn't show it correctly, though).


Question about the rules

Our team had a little dispute about what media we are allowed to use for our game. Specifically, we want to add a song made by a band in which some of our members are playing, which is not released under a CC-like lincense. Some of us believe that using it would be allowed, since it is our song, while the rest thinks the opposite.

Richard or anyone: Does all media included have to be released under the CC license, or are we free to use it?


Slowly becoming playable

Today we have done a huge amount of things: We fixed the collision response, solved some strange bugs involving the enemies falling through everything and thus accelerating enough for you to not be able to even touch them, added animations, added cannons, lives, created music, created 5-or-so new levels. I think we might even get something that could be mistaken for playable within the next 23 hours!

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DAMN that anti-aliasing!

We just recieved the graphics from our artist, it seems as if the resizing and compression of the PNG:s messed up the color codes! I am the only one from GhettoViking coding tonight, I doubt that I will have time magic-selecting the color-code-ish colors from all of the images, and exporting the images anew, which, as far as I know, is the only way to fix this. Long story short: either no game, or a pink box around everyone.

Don't panic. Large, friendly letters...Pink ones. Meh.



I just deleted my last final submission, thinking that I could still upload. Please tell me it's not too late!

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The md5sum

Well. You never know...
The sum is: 0605b911f5eaf21f748c29710f02c4ab

I can't believe we actually made it!


At least we're happy

Well, here we are. It was tight, but we managed to produce a game within the week which wasn't innovative nor well made but hey, it was a GAME!!!

However, there is still some major bugs which we did not find in time. The most problematic one is that in windows the game crashes when it tries to save your progress after completing the first level.
I am still not sure why, since this does not occur on Linux, nor Mac. If you still want to play some other levels the bug can be bypassed by adding the numbers 0-16 (all the levels) to the data/unlocked file. Remember newlines!

We'll be releasing a bugfixed and improved version of the game after the voting is finished. Have a nice time!


Follow up

16 out of 29? Not bad, if I may say so; it is about what we expected. I'd like to thank everyone for their comments and suggestions. As you might have noticed/read in the wiki, the game was developed and tested on unix-like systems, so running it in Windows introduces some new bugs.

The following is a compilation of the bugs that you reported:

  • Fixed in SVN:
    • Also , once you get past level 7 the list goes off the bottom.
    • Crashes when I beat all cities above city 0.
    • City 10 won't load either: Could not load song data\music\robot_ending_arr.ogg.ogg Couldn't read from 'data\music\robot_ending_arr.ogg.ogg'
    • whenever i pressed left crtl, it would die saying it couldn't open data/images/bullet.png
    • it crashed when try to show me the credits :(

  • Not fixed:
    • The collision detection was glitchy, and I tended to snag on walls (We fought this beast for two days, and decided to leave it as soon as you could run through the levels in an (almost) non-spasmic manner.)
    • It would also be good if you automatically could restart the level when you died (Never thought of that. Thanks)
    • Make the game save your best times so that you could speedrun it as well (To much to do; to little time ;) )
    • Addictive (This is a feature. Go to rehab if it gets worse ;) )

To download the latest version from svn, run the following command:

$ svn checkout ghettovikingprophecy-read-only

If you like the music, please visit for more.

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I love you, HanClinto

For whom it might concern: I uploaded a recent windows binary here. It is far slower than running the code directly through python, but hey, it's Windows, so I'm not surprised.

Many thanks to HanClinto and his auto-exe-script. I suppose that Richard is allready aware of the problems with skellington's, but I found that it was not able to run it from its current directory, and had a buggy handling of many-levelled subdirectories in data/. I merged Clinto's script with and made some smaller modifications to address this; feel free to check it out in the SVN repository!

This about concludes it for this time, but the Ghetto Viking Killer Robot is not dead! We might just show up for the Pyggy awards. Check out the SVN repository regularly to see our progress. See you!