I love you, HanClinto

For whom it might concern: I uploaded a recent windows binary here. It is far slower than running the code directly through python, but hey, it's Windows, so I'm not surprised.

Many thanks to HanClinto and his auto-exe-script. I suppose that Richard is allready aware of the problems with skellington's setup.py, but I found that it was not able to run it from its current directory, and had a buggy handling of many-levelled subdirectories in data/. I merged Clinto's script with setup.py and made some smaller modifications to address this; feel free to check it out in the SVN repository!

This about concludes it for this time, but the Ghetto Viking Killer Robot is not dead! We might just show up for the Pyggy awards. Check out the SVN repository regularly to see our progress. See you!

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Please don't assume I'm aware of anything do to with skellington. Please submit bug reports and patches to the pyweek project.
haha, I must admit this made me laugh -- thanks. :) I'm glad you found the EXE maker helpful, and I'm glad to see you integrating it with the Skellington's setup.py. Well done! I look forward to seeing the Skellington polished up a bit for future contests. Thanks for the feedback! --clint
I currently have no outstanding patches against Skellington. I have done nothing to it since PyWeek 5...