Woo, I'm gold!

I'll be doing a solo AND a team entry, for the third time in a row! Our team entry will be a killer cool strategy game, and my solo will yet again be a platformer.

I'm going for Adventure Island-type gameplay, but much more exciting and fast-paced. I've been animating for the past 20 minutes, and I already have the hero (retrogamelib mascot Bubbman) running like all get out!

I'm still fiddling with the story, but basically you somehow are in the middle of nowhere, and an old tinkerer sends all types of robots and machines after you while screaming "Get off my lawn!" (Don't worry, the story will develop along the way). Levels will be timed and extremely hectic. In addition to wall-jumping, you'll be able to throw rocks at gophers, robots, etc. I also plan to incorporate all kinds of moving platforms, since I've never really had them before.

I'm pumped to go. Good luck to everyone!