PyWeek - 8ball - feedback

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5 5 2

Brilliant fun :D

1 1 1 yes

It hasn't been made within the week, its a modification of the author's game.
Excellent Super Mario copy, by the way.

4 4 3

Excellent all around, great style.

2 4 1 yes

Music was ripped without the authors' permission. This is suprising because it seems there's effort put to every other part of the game. No originality here, just another platformer. Too hard for me though, didn't solve the first level.

5 5 4

I've played this game over and over, I've beat this game without rocks, I've had a lot of fun.
Great graphics, great music, great gameplay. I have nothing to criticize. You should keep
expanding it after Pyweek. This is definitely your best entry so far. All I have to say is thanks
for such an awesome game. :)

4 5 3

great implementation of a smb-style platformer. well polished for a game compo entry!

4 5 3

exceptional polish

3 4 3

Probably the most overall complete game of the compo.<br>
A litle hard ? Let me see, the normal enemies comming from the left, the guy with the truck from the right, the energy that depletes way too fast, some spikes and water, and short screen width so that you have litle time to plan something... er, yes, I think is too hard! :-)

4 3 2

Very Mario Brothers... don't get the lawn theme either

4 5 3

Fantastic work. Not a platformer person myself but still enjoyed it.

3 4 1

It's fun, but I keep being killed for no apparent reason when I run under a platform on the first level (just before the wall jump).

4 5 2

Very polished platformer with smooth control and great presentation. The 'eat fruit to stay alive' mechanic got confusing with time pressure from the mower as well. Final level was a good variation on the core gameplay. Very hard and quite short.

5 5 4

OK, that was fun.

4 4 3

nice pics and songs

5 5 4

Great plattformer!

5 5 4

I'll send you a bill for the damage done to my left index and middle fingers.

5 5 4

At first, my impression was rather negative, due to the sometimes ridiculous difficulty. But since it was so well made, I decided to play for a little more, and a little after that, and now I actually enjoy the difficulty. I suggest you keep working on this, and add more levels, cause this is the most fun platformer I've played in a while.

4 5 2

Well made! Everything just fit. It's not that innovativ but still great fun and really well produced. Congratiulations!!

5 5 1

a tenuous link with the challenge theme but a lot of fun nonetheless

4 5 3

Very nice, and very hard!

3 4 1

That actually was insanely hard. My left hand is aching now. The penultimate level was the hardest. Very nice looking game. Also had a very good responsive feel to it.

4 3 1

Man, there's a dent in my right SHIFT shaped like the fingertips of a tortured man :).

2 4 4

Technically very impressive, but too hard to be much fun, I'm sorry to say.<br>
I do like the way the mower smashes up the level, though -- that's quite amusing!

4 3 3

Didn't quite get the controls. A key = X B Key = Y ??? Took q while till i figured out y = jumping. Fun though!

5 5 2

Great fun. I ended up having to tweak some stuff to get it to work and the last level was quite laggy, but overall, great game.

4 5 4

Absolutely amazing production, of course! Outstanding job! It's pretty fun, but often it feels like memorizing a sequence of moves and remembering when exactly to hit buttons, rather than using your skill and cunning. I think this is a problem with a lot of platformers, though. I would have liked to see more variety in the actions. You took the time to implement wall jumping, and it never gets used for anything except for a single move: zig-zagging left then right. Still, it's great. Keep it up!

2 4 1

Well polished platformer

2 5 1 yes

Well... I do not really think this game was programmed with Pyweek's theme on mind. It's just -another- platformer, and indeed it's the second part of a game from the same programmer: (

It is absolutelly true that it is brilliant. In fact, it clones classic Mario's playability (even texts are exactly on the same place). It works perfectly. The engine looks fantastic.

But I feel that one of the main points in Pyweek is adjusting to its theme and creating new games with that constraint, not just creating new maps and color schemes for an old game (or so it seems). I'm sorry!

4 4 3

The game seams to be a little bit to hard for me ;)

4 4 3

Nice work. Graphics and sound are great and I loved the ending :) Level design was good too and the different types of enemies worked together well. Parts of it can be very frustrating but the continue points and the quick restarting using the shift key make it much nicer to play.

3 4 2

nice game. fast. i dont like plataformes.

3 3 3

did not run out of the box! I still rated it (well only level 1 then a crash due to unappropiate 'wr' file write mode)

4 4 2

very funny classic game-boy style game but not very innovative

4 4 2

I rated this on v1.1. Didn't run into any bugs. I think.

2 3 2

Too hard for me!

4 5 2

nice work!

4 5 3

V. Cool

4 4 3

The farmer's tractor was buggy and when you die from time it should say "TIME UP!" in the middle. Other than that, great job.

4 4 2

Nice :)

4 5 4

I really liked this game. Some levels are indeed very hard (I had some problems with the last two), but it was still quite nice. <br> Very nice graphics! :)

5 4 2

This game totally rocks.

3 5 2

I think you've mastered the platform game. Time to try something new ;-)

4 4 2

For me, the game recalled the best and worst of NES platformers. The difficulty was high but
usually fair, but the controls occasionally felt slippery or unresponsive. The graphical
style and use of the theme was top-notch.

4 5 4

Another wonderful run-and-jump from the maestro! Great work!