BubbMan 2 - Video Walkthrough(s)

I uploaded video walkthroughs of levels 1-5 for BubbMan 2, due to the insane difficulty. I'll upload the boss later, if you need it :)

Level 1
Level 2
Level 3
Level 4
Level 5

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Walkthrough? I think speedrun is more appropriate, unless someone can't figure out you run right and throw stuff. :-) Not bad playing there, but it's obviously a TAS. And the tool in this case is that you wrote it. ;-)
Walkthrough as in showing people where to jump, where to run, and where to throw :) and lol :)
Could you also make videos of runs without throwing rocks? I think that would be an interesting "challenge"! :)
Hah I'll try some time today.
Level 5 is literally impossible to beat without throwing rocks. There are some parts where you have to run through and throw your rocks without stopping ;)
I thought level 5 was impossible anyway :).
pymike: I don't have proof, but it is possible. :)
@Tee: Really? You're insane at the game then :D
I managed to get through Level 5 with no rocks, but with the help of the checkpoint so it should definitely be possible.
Okay, next challenge then: no jumping! :)
ROFL good luck with that.