End of Day 5 - Excellent Progress

I've got all the UI done today, except for the options which I will try to do later on tonight. Besides the UI, I've created the level progression system, the end level display (which is totally awesome), progress saving, and even cooler still, best time saving - one of my favorite features. I also made a few graphical tweaks and changes.

Todo for tomorrow: Download current W.I.P.

Oh yes, I also have the story up on the entry page. Cheers all!

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It looks and sounds great, and the controls seem pretty good. Great job! It starts out way too hard (but I guess a lot of old games do). You only get one hit and you die! I only made it as far as the first wall jump. I think you should get rid of the water underneath that jump, and the enemy right after it. Come on, it's the first jump of the game!

One issue that you maybe are already going to fix: when you die it says press select to continue. I don't have a game controller. Which key is select? I have to restart the game to try again.

Thanks! And yes, the level is ridiculously hard for the first one - have no fear, it'll start out a bit easier.

Hehe, I foresaw the controls issue, so the Readme now has a chart explaining the controls. To answer your question, its right shift.
Oh, and if you press Start (enter) and then Select (shift), you can go back to the world map.
Found a couple bugs in the time saving, but I squashed 'em.
The game's looking really nice. You might want to make 1-1 just a little easier. Stuff like the first bird is almost insta-death (the first time you encounter it you die because you just don't know it's coming, and even when you know it's coming you can still die pretty easily). I'd also make the first few encounters with a wall-jump and trampoline less potentially fatal (ie. wall jump over land, trampoline to just get bonuses without death on either side, etc). I actually stopped playing when I failed to get over to the trampoline because I was frustrated by getting to it. Let the player learn about the mechanics in relative safety :)

The key bindings are also not obvious. Start being enter works because I usually hit that in menus but "select" being the right-hand shift key took me ages to figure out, and I had to go to the readme to figure that the jump/shoot were z/x.

You have a great game on your hands!

Haha, I love how the first level is KILLER, the second level is easy, and the third level is barely even a level. But I'm sure this is all part of your plan (i.e. will be changing). Polish is already there, now it needs content.
awesome! - but could use a little anti-aliasing - like philhassey's Barbie Seahorse game
The first level is amazing, kinda reminds me of Syobon Action and Spelunker. Great stuff.
Wow, thanks for the amazing comments guys :) Level 1-1 will eventually be level 2-1, with a little more platforming action in it and slightly toned down difficulty. The first level will be an introductory level, with easy wall jumping, springs, etc.

@richard about controls: Yes, the game now has an in-game controls key + a better Readme :)

@saluk: Haha, the last two levels are scrap now - they were just there for testing ;)

@jaber: Thanks, but I won't have time to get to that.

@kent_turbo: Yes, I really like the first level too, I'll be keeping it in there.