Well, for the third time in a row, I've entered both a solo and team entry. I didn't do much in the team entry this time, though - mainly just the animation code and art. It was mostly RB[0], so congrats to him for a job well done.

BubbMan 2 is definitely my most complete PyWeek entry. I think my biggest achievement was making it excruciatingly difficult without killing the desire to continue playing. I'm exceedingly pleased with it, and most people are enjoying it, so enormous satisfaction here.

AND I AM SO D@MN SICK OF MAKING PLATFORMERS! Seriously, this will probably be my last platformer for a couple years. (In python, anyway) Next PyWeek I plan to focus on the team entry, and make a little solo on the side. BubbMan 2 was a ton of work and a good coup de grace, so you can probably only expect little arcade-y games from me in my solos hereafter.

All in all it was a great week. The community is awesome and is growing as fast as ever. I'd like to give Richard a big thank you for organizing this competition.

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yay for the death fo plataformers!

(your game looks great, havent tested it yet. but i have plataformers : )
You're welcome and I look forward to your non-platforming future :)