Mr. Fuze

Dr. Bobmer and his Ubre-Bombs

The evil Dr. Bobmer is executing his evil plan of destroying the world! He has set a series of Ubre-Bombs across the world and then... he actually lit the fuses! Only the daring Mr. Fuze can blow out all the Ubre-Bomb fuses and save the world from Destruction!

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Most intense time limit
Presented by saluk

Fantabulastic Game!
Presented by HanClinto

Retro 8-bit award
Presented by riq

The wonderfunnyness awardity prize
Presented by nilsf

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Ratings (show detail)

Overall: 3.4
Fun: 3.8
Production: 3.9
Innovation: 2.4

2% respondents marked the game as not working.
1% of respondents wished to disqualify the entry.
Respondents: 38

Diary Entries

Screenshots, anyone?

Half a day of coding! Woot!

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End of Day 3, and lookin good

End of day 3, and I got moving platforms, coins, shooting, two different baddies, levels, etc. all done! Woot! Screenie is below.


Rah rah rah richard! Uhh, I have a question

Can we use midi files? I.E. (NOT Internet Explorer *shudder*) from Please say yes otherwise I'm screwed for music this compo.


SFXR - Sound Making Tool

Hi all,

There's a great sound-making on here:

Unfortunately, there's only a standalone for windows, but he DOES have the source code available and I made a walkthrough on how to build it for Ubuntu. Thanks a LOT to _ar for his help getting this to work.

How to build SFXR on Ubuntu
  1. First download and extract the source code from

  2. Now you need the library dependencies. For each of the libraries listed below run
    sudo apt-get install libraryname
    • build-essential
    • libasound2-dev
    • libasound2-plugins
    • libsdl-dev
    • libgtk2.0-dev

  3. Then CD to the directory you extracted the .tar in and type
That should work! If not, leave a comment and I (or someone else) will try to help you :-)


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Half way through day 4, and I got something half-way playable!

Halfway through day 4 and I'm really pleased with what I got :-D Give it a play!


Yay! Menu's done!


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End Day 5, And Almost Done!

Well, end of day 5, and I see the finish line in sight! All the game needs is a boss, few more levels, and it's done!

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I am DONE!

WOOOHOOO! I finished Mr. Fuze today, all polished up and everything! I played through the whole thing after I finished it, and I didn't really run into any bugs. The game features 9 levels of platforming mayhem, and a final boss! The storyline is explained in-game ;-) So, give it play! It's easily one of my best games ever! Or, if you're a bit busy, just take a gander at the screenie of the last level below ;-)


Final final release AKA fixed some bugs

Howdy ya'll, I fixed them bugs Cthulhu32 pointed out, and another weird one I ran into. Hopefully it's all bug free now! Hopefully, anyway... So here's the download link, and I hope ya'll have fun with it!

  • Python 2.5
  • PyGame 1.8.1
(earlier versions may or may not work)

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OK I promise I won't upload anymore final releases! *fingers crossed*

I added some necessary features. I added credits and help menus, which help explain how the game follows the theme. Anyway, here's final release 1.2. I'll try not to add anymore releases unless it's really needed :-D

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Post Pyweek Entry :P

I made a post-pyweek entry with pyglet and squirtle, and it came out quite nicely! Enjoy :-)

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Plea to contestants


Quite a few times, when I run the entry games, they load in fullscreen. And most of the time it flips out my monitor (gives me an "out of range" message) on Ubuntu, so I have to reboot my computer. It's a bit cumbersome having to check all the files to make sure the games aren't starting in fullscreen, so by default can ya'll start your games in windowed mode, and just add an option for fullscreen or something?

Also, am I the only one getting this error?



Reply to comments


First, I wanna thank Richard for an AMAZING pyweek (waits for the round of applause) and 2nd I want to thank everyone for rating Mr. Fuze. Third, I want to congratulate the winners, and last but not least, I want to reply to the comments made on it. I won't reply to all of them, just each one that touched on different points in the game.

"The bombs were defused before the levels had time to start. This seems to be the same as the error I get when playing Milkers game: All objects just pile up in the top left corner."
Ah, sorry to hear it. Not quite sure what was going on there.
"Great game. I only wish that you could fire your fuse in mid-air. I was also a bit curious about the music; has the copyright holder really given permission to use those scores?"
I got the music off of, and I didn't recognize any of the tunes I used (though some sounded vaguely familiar), so I thought they were just spin-offs from some old games. And if they are, they're mods (which I converted to oggs with timidity), so they're not direct rips anyway.
"Well, it's not 'cheated', but even though the game looks nice, I just can't find any relation to Pyweek's theme. If there's a chosen theme I think I should be used for inspiration. That's the whole thing, get different views of the same idea. Ok, you may say that the length of the string is the fuse... but... It's way too easy adapting a platformer to any idea just like this. Sorry."
Ah yes, I was worried some people would not see the theme incorporation. I actually included the theme in the game a few times, like the time limit is a bomb's fuse that's gradually burning, so that counts as the length of a piece of string. Also you can only shoot as far as your electrocuting string reaches, so that counts also.
"Nice style. Everything was pretty well-polished. Later levels just got really hard to complete before time ran out. Not very creative, but fun!"
Thank you, and yes, the game did get pretty difficult. Maybe I'll tweak things in the future.
"Great job on the game! I love the retro feel, the dialogue, and the gameplay. I think that your take on the "length of a piece of string" being an ever-shortening bomb-fuse is just genius. If you mash "jump" at the beginning of the level, you can get a jump in. I was able to get on top of the screen on level 8 and run all the way to the end, but sadly, there was no place for me to drop down. Foiled! :-D Nicely done on level design -- it was a lot of fun.

The ending boss was challenging but fun, and all of the portmanteaus in the dialog were fantastic. Well done! Or, perhaps I should say, Splenderiffic!"
I appreciaficate the best comment on any game I've ever made. ;-D Thanks a lot!! :-)

Again, thank you richard and you fellow pyweekers for another great three weeks!

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