I am DONE!

WOOOHOOO! I finished Mr. Fuze today, all polished up and everything! I played through the whole thing after I finished it, and I didn't really run into any bugs. The game features 9 levels of platforming mayhem, and a final boss! The storyline is explained in-game ;-) So, give it play! It's easily one of my best games ever! Or, if you're a bit busy, just take a gander at the screenie of the last level below ;-)

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wow, this is pretty awesome!

Only managed to get to level 3 though :/
Heh I think i found one bug (might be a feature?) if you let the bomb explode instead of dying by falling, you'll get a -1 lives.
@bencoder: Thanks :-) Once you get a feel for the platform physics, you should breeze through it pretty easily ;-)

@Cthulhu32: Ahh, thanks for the bug report :-) I'm on it right now ;-)