PyWeek - Entry PyMike 007 - feedback

Fun Prod Inno Disq N/W Comments
4 3 2

Needed either more music or a less annoying track! Game design is very well done.

4 4 2

great game. fun. the time issue is great for pressure. great production. real arcade material.

4 4 2

great fun platformer. the theme interpretation was very loose though.

3 3 3 yes

The bombs were defused before the levels had time to start. This seems to be the same as the error I get when playing Milkers game: All objects just pile up in the top left corner.

4 4 3

This was quite fun. I like the retro feeling of this game. I thought that there were a bit too many
levels (maybe the time spent doing levels could be used for a new kind of enemy or feature), but
that's ok. Another minor thing was that the explosions when you lose kind of disrupt the retro
feeling of the game. Enjoyed the existence of a boss (though thought that killing it was too
simple). Anyway, there's nothing too innovative about this game, but this game is good, it's
nice to play a good old platformer.

5 5 4

Great game. I only wish that you could fire your fuse in mid-air. I was also a bit curious about the music; has the copyright holder really given permission to use those scores?

4 3 1

<p>Just another platformer, so not much innovation. But very well completed, and cool retro style!

3 5 3

Good job. It just didn't really captivate me for some reason. My dad likes to verb and misspell words, so maybe that got old for me....

3 3 2

it is not easy to win this game

4 5 3

Good job!

4 4 1

Funny game no theme related.

4 3 3

Fun game, nothing innovative but its good. A bit annoyed with a bug in the continue, it wouldn't render the level if you use up all your lives and continue from the menu.

4 4 4

great retro remix of dig dug and super mario

4 4 4

A very good one. It is like precursor of Super Mario.

4 2 1

Fun fun fun fun! Old arcade, :)

2 3 2

Very retro.

4 4 3

excellent! fun and hard!

4 3 2

maybe limit some the violet monster atack

4 3 1

It started being frustrating instead of fun on level 7, but I'll have fun playing it again

3 4 2

Excellented musification, but you've hardified the early levelments too greatlyish!

4 4 3

nice! :)

4 4 3

Yay! Cool game, I like the retro style... (Well, who doesn't?)

3 4 3

Very nice platform game. Love the retro arcade feeling :)

5 5 4

great game. it can be a little hard at times. if anything it needs some difficulty tweaks but all in all it's great

3 4 1

Nice retroness :) fun but a little too hard at first

3 4 1 yes

Well, it's not 'cheated', but even though the game looks nice, I just can't find any relation to Pyweek's theme.

If there's a chosen theme I think I should be used for inspiration. That's the whole thing, get different views of the same idea. Ok, you may say that the length of the string is the fuse... but... It's way too easy adapting a platformer to any idea just like this. Sorry.

4 4 2

Nice style. Everything was pretty well-polished. Later levels just got really hard to complete before time ran out. Not very creative, but fun!

4 4 2

hurray, I finally beat it! Nice ending :D

4 4 3 yes

How the string in the game ?
But It is a fun game.
Thank you for your game.

3 3 2

It's a platformer, not much else to say. Well done but not too unique.

3 2 2

Not sure this has anything to do with strings...

4 4 3

Great job on the game! I love the retro feel, the dialogue, and the gameplay. I think that your take on the "length of a piece of string" being an ever-shortening bomb-fuse is just genius. If you mash "jump" at the beginning of the level, you can get a jump in. I was able to get on top of the screen on level 8 and run all the way to the end, but sadly, there was no place for me to drop down. Foiled! :-D Nicely done on level design -- it was a lot of fun.<br><br>The ending boss was challenging but fun, and all of the portmanteaus in the dialog were fantastic. Well done! Or, perhaps I should say, Splenderiffic!

3 5 3

An excellent example of producing a simple idea well. Fantastic stuff!

5 5 3

Amazing work!

4 4 2

Dammit, musics almost straight out of mario and graphics looking a lot like dig dug, what more
do you need? :P The game itself was nice and as always in your sidescrollers the controls were
responsive. Maybe the shoot and jump buttons were a bit too close to eachother since I kept
messing them up. Also: Theme?

4 4 2

Cool game, but just one mario copy.

4 5 4

Omg, this game was truely awesome. Where do i get Mr. Fuze action figures? I have to say though that i thought the red boxes were placeholders in your screenshots. :P Great old school graphics.The music sounded kinda familiar.. I wonder why..

In level 8 i pressed right in the beginning and ran the top floor. BAD IDEA. I didn't get down at the end of it :DD

5 5 2

Very funny game. The fact that you could only shoot when on the ground was annoying though.

3 4 2

A platformer based heavily on Mario with some nice fx and nostalgic graphics.