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A short building game. Playthrough video


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Overall: 3.1
Fun: 3
Production: 3.5
Innovation: 2.8

20% respondents marked the game as not working.
Respondents: 16


File Uploader Date
lawn by allefant-hotfix.zipfinal
fixed crash
allefant 2009/05/03 13:01
ui is still all placeholders
allefant 2009/05/02 20:57
90% of my time on this entry was spent in Blender so far
allefant 2009/05/01 23:49
first in-game screenshot
allefant 2009/04/28 21:11
concept scene from Blender
allefant 2009/04/27 12:41

Diary Entries

finally have an idea

Yes, I was slacking a lot, only was playing around in Blender so far. I think I'm somewhat disappointed I don't get to spend time on building a replica of Tatlin's Tower after all. Anyway, I finally have an idea. It's quite simply, sort of a mix of tower defense and RTS. And probably not doable in the time I have.

The concept is, you have a lawn, and you plant flowers and bushes and stuff on it (see concept art below). For that you use garden imps and flower elves. However, evil critters like caterpillas will invade the lawn and try to eat your plants so you have to build defenses to fight them off...


little bit of progress

Well, I should speed up a lot the rest of the week if I want to get something done. For now, this is the first in-game screenshot. It has the lawn with a few bushes. The lawn is just a white circle for now. And the bushes are also white circles.

Eventually I hope I'll get to use the art I made in Blender - either by using the 3D models (then I'd add a camera and you could freely view the lawn from any direction), or by pre-rendering it with a fixed isometric camera. For now, I'll try to finish the gameplay using only white circles.

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last day and not nearly done

Hm, well, it's the last day already. I learned quite some new things in Blender - more specificly, a bit about old style low poly modeling. You wouldn't believe how long it took me to carve this elf out of a box (well, extrude several boxes and switch on subsurf). And then to have it flutter its wings...

And then one elf fits into a 30x20 pixel box inside the game including wings, so all you see is a fluttering pixel block. Guess I'm really good at partitioning my available time to the important things :P

Well, I miss half of the artwork and half of the gameplay still. Will have to frantically try to get the gameplay working in the next hours...

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i'm finished...

...the game is not. What I have now is as much as I can do. Did some insane coding (and blending) spree at the end to have something somewhat playable. Next time I'll definitely try making gameplay first and graphics later.

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fixed crash

I re-uploaded the python version with a crash fixed... now at least you can see your garden being destroyed by black worms to the bitter end. Oh well.

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playthrough video

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playthrough video

Hm, it just says "The URL contained a malformed video ID."... Here's the link again, since I don't know how to edit the previous post :P Play on youtube

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