finally have an idea

Yes, I was slacking a lot, only was playing around in Blender so far. I think I'm somewhat disappointed I don't get to spend time on building a replica of Tatlin's Tower after all. Anyway, I finally have an idea. It's quite simply, sort of a mix of tower defense and RTS. And probably not doable in the time I have.

The concept is, you have a lawn, and you plant flowers and bushes and stuff on it (see concept art below). For that you use garden imps and flower elves. However, evil critters like caterpillas will invade the lawn and try to eat your plants so you have to build defenses to fight them off...

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Sounds evilly close to our team entry. :D Your screenshot reminds me of white chocolate - yum!
This sounds really close to my entry too! I even have a circular stage and the same isometric camera angle! Have you seen my screenshot?