Recognising excellence in your field

Happy Insect Garden

Happy Insect Garden: Use good-hearted insects to defend your garden from their evil brethren.


"Most Awards In-Game since Smash Bros" Award
Presented by pymike

But this game was full of bugs!
Presented by j-1

Can hear the lambdas talking
Presented by T-002

Pyglet rocks award!
Presented by htormey

Off by 50 compost, but still smells like a rose!
Presented by htormey

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Ratings (show detail)

Overall: 4.0
Fun: 3.8
Production: 4.6
Innovation: 3.5

4% respondents marked the game as not working.
Respondents: 22


File Uploader Date
Happy Insect Garden v1.0
Chard 2009/05/03 01:02
Recognising excellence in your field
Martin 2009/05/03 00:13
Hot insect on insect action
Martin 2009/05/03 00:12
Picture 3.png
Menu screen.
Chard 2009/04/28 20:54
Get off my lawn
Chard 2009/04/28 20:49
Martin 2009/04/26 15:42

Diary Entries

System & Libraries Survey

Because I'm interested, as well are a number of other people reading the messages, I threw together a quick survey for the system capabilities of PyWeek participants. The PyWeek site has hosted similar things before but not having access to that I used Google Docs. :-)

So anyone who wants to can fill out the survey and/or view the results.


Twittering Pyweek

Every Pyweek I say to myself "This time I'm going to make a real effort to write regular diary entries, with screenshots and lots of lovely stuff about how the game is working out." Every Pyweek I fail miserably.

This time, I'm going to try something different. Instead of failing to post long in-depth pieces about how things are going, I'm just going to occasionally vent on Twitter. I'd like to invite anyone else interested in doing the same to follow me (@mewo2), and to post their Twitter IDs in this thread so that I can do likewise. I'd also suggest using the rather original #pyweek tag.


First screenshot!


Things are a bit buggy right now

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Adventures in time.


This morning we discovered that BT had (meaning to upgrade his connection) cut off one of our team members. Unfortunately he was hosting our Subversion repository. In anticipation that it might return we started working on our working copies. At 6pm we decided it was getting silly... We needed to merge.

Basically two of us (Martin and myself) were based off 1929 and JJ was based off 1927. So:

  • We copied JJ's WC, reverted it and committed it to a new repository.
  • We committed a reverted copy of Martin's over that bringing us to 1929.
  • We brought the WC for the new repository back to the 1927 mirror and brought in changes JJ had made, updated, merged and committed 1929a.
  • We brought it back to the 1929 mirror and brought in Martin's changes, updated, merged and committed 1929b.
  • Once more we brought it back to 1929 mirror and brought in my changes, updated, merged and committed 1929c (aka 1930).

It was a wild time travel adventure that made all of us appreciate why we use source control...



Day 3: menu animation.

Today was very productive, especially from an interface point of view. Certainly the most satisfying thing I did today was making transitions between screens on the menu animated. Check out the menu screen (its static, trust me the animation is cool):

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A Super Effective Production

I have to say: I'm really pleased with what we've produced this time. I feel like it's been a very long week but we've got some excellent results. So I present to you the fourth Super Effective PyWeek production, Happy Insect Garden.

Happy Insect Garden is a bizarre style of defender game featuring:

  • 19 different types of creature with flavour text as and when you find them
  • 117 unlockable achievements for your completionist enjoyment
  • 8 different levels, each showcasing different gameplay
  • a variety of different creature movement AIs bringing it to life
  • beautifully shaded graphics in a mix of rendered and vector styles
  • a jaunty folk/traditional music theme to keep you entertained
  • the most satisfyingly smooth menu graphics I've ever produced

To whet your appetite, just look at the following screenshots:

Then download the final version here.

To people who might have tried to play the game while I was writing this post, there was a bug that prevented the first level from being possible. Please play the current version, thank you. :-)

If you have problems with the game please tell us either below or on #pyweek (find Membury or mewo2) or by e-mailing