PyWeek - Super Effective 8 - feedback

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1 4 1 yes

saw the title screen, chose a level, then it didn't respond and i couldn't kill it in fullscreen mode, so i had to reboot.

4 4 3

Ver nice one. Complete, beauty, funny. Great!

4 4 4

Fun for some time. The levels start too slowly and the first levels are WAY too simple. Nice graphics and monologue.

5 5 5

Awesome, very interesting game. I played through the whole game and I really enjoyed it. It was definitely fun and the graphics and music are very beautiful. I thought the idea and design were excellent too, a variant of a defense game with an unique mechanic. Everything just works so well. I rarely give out maximum scores, but I think this game deserves a maximum score from me. I wasn't sure whether to give 4 or 5 in innovation, but since the game implements the idea so well, I think it deserves a 5. Congratulations.<br>
Some suggestions: the game is a bit too hard, at least before you get the hang of it. I think the earlier levels should be rebalanced. There should be in-game information about flowers - what they attract and what insects don't like them. I would also appreciate some notion of how much time the level has left.

3 5 4

It is probably the most polished entry in pyweek8<br>
Stuck al level 3, maybe balance issues ?

4 4 4

Very nice, very well produced. But rather hard, IMO...

4 5 3

Very impressive for a week - extremely well polished, so much so I can see this winning. My biggest gripe would be general confusion though - not knowing which plant attracted what, and which insects were good at taking out which other insects. I presume the ultimate challenge was taking out the bird, but as the game just ended without seeing it being taken out that is only an assumption.

4 5 3

I think the game feels really polished, especially given the timeframe in which it was built! I think it takes way too long to progress to the next level; I had a huge number of bees in the game and still wasn't able to progress.

I might be playing be playing your game again though; this is the best game I have judged so far!

4 5 4

You guys really took this pyweek seriuosly. Congratz. On a side note: put some explanation on
what insects are attracted by each plant on their tooltips. It'd be useful. Also, this is the
kind of game that could use a grid for plant placement. The feeling of wasting space is

2 4 3

Game looks cool but there's a lot of time spent waiting for stuff to happen

2 5 1

Couldn't beat second level, seems impossible.

4 5 4

I can't keep my butterflies alive.

5 5 5

What can I say? Go Ms. Pac man!

4 4 3

Fun! Although 2nd level is too hard!

4 5 4

<p>Yeah, yeah, another amazing Super Effective production. What do you want me to say? That you're the bomb diggity? Fine, you are. There, I said it. You happy?!

<p>Well, the production is outstanding, but the gameplay is really slow. And I couldn't really figure out the strategy. I played level 4 like five times and couldn't get it. I would have kept trying but it takes so long. I really love the flavor text, though. "Recognising excellence in your field." BWA HA HA!

5 5 4

What a great game!

3 5 3

A very pleasant game, but I found level 3 quite hard. I was swarmed by red ants at the end, lost, and gave up. Exceptional production, as always :)

3 4 4


5 4 3

This game is addictive! So many levels and achievements! It is very polished and has nice art too. I love it!

4 5 4

Wow, amazing work guys, you should be proud.

5 5 3

Entry works, just not playable without some hacking. So, in the game starts off with
Hunnysuckle costing 100 compost when you have to have 50 compost to play. I got around this by
editing the file and updating the starting value. A minor bug. The game is awesome
when you get round this though

3 4 4

nice idea and graphics, but I'm unable to get past the Ant-War Level (my blue ants are not able to kill those big green insects, but are good at getting slaugthered by them).

2 5 3

Extremely well-polished, but the game seemed rather boring as it progresses... It just
seemed like, plant this plant to get this kind of bug to attack another kind of bug - whoop. There
was little strategy, just plant the kind of bush you need next as soon as you have enough compost
- just felt, not as fun as your previous games, just as well (if not better) polished, but wasn't
very fun...