Twittering Pyweek

Every Pyweek I say to myself "This time I'm going to make a real effort to write regular diary entries, with screenshots and lots of lovely stuff about how the game is working out." Every Pyweek I fail miserably.

This time, I'm going to try something different. Instead of failing to post long in-depth pieces about how things are going, I'm just going to occasionally vent on Twitter. I'd like to invite anyone else interested in doing the same to follow me (@mewo2), and to post their Twitter IDs in this thread so that I can do likewise. I'd also suggest using the rather original #pyweek tag.

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Dang! You beat me to posting this! I'll definitely be twittering pyweek but I'll also supplement it with long message board/blog posts. My twitter acccount is @chemikhazi. It would also be a nice way to promote pyweek although we probably won't be able to get it into the trending topics.
I'll join you: @shundread. =)
I will twitter also: @membury
Although I'm only likely to be active for the first day or so, @adambiltcliffe.
WTH is this twitter thing?
lol, its like... blogs for phones and computers, or something. :P
LOL, wow, so, like, the geeks don't know what it is? :P
Basically you write little tidbits (or longer) and post them, a lot like a blog (btw, pymike, what is a blog for phones/computers - is it different from a normal one, for, uh, phones/computers? XD)

Seems kinda like facebook writing on your wall or something, I never used it :P
My Twitter ID is @henrythescot

I will also be posting updates during the compo :D
Incidentally, this page can be used to see what people are twittering about Pyweek for those who don't have a Twitter account.
i am at
I just got myself one of those "Twitter Accounts", so i may well be twittering a bit during pyweek. It can be found here: @jakbob
My twitter: @mespringfield
Hi, everyboy:

For those who are interested, Pyweek diary entries are now being twittered by @pyweekdiaries. It's a copy of the RSS feed, so it's only new diary entries, not comments.
Personally I can't stand RSS feeds fed into Twitter: if you want to read the RSS use an RSS reader. Otherwise it just pushes the real Twitter content out of the way.


richard: Normally, I'd agree, but I think Pyweek diary entries are a bit better suited to the Twitter format. Anyway, if you don't want it, there's no need to look at it. Some people were asking on IRC, so I provided.

Bumping this thread.

I thought this worked out pretty well last time, although I did keep forgetting about it, and my natural tendency to keep things secret until they're done got the better of me a couple of times.

Anyone interested again?

twitter: @nitrofurano
i use as well
Not sure if I will or not, m'self.

I might, I might not.

I probably won't, though. It got distracting last time. I like making periodic lengthy journal posts better, consolidates my fooling around into a couple of hours in each day, which I can stick into times where I'm not able to work efficiently (EG: Early morning, late evening)
created a pyweek group at
pygame group also exists there: