PyWeek Game Team Rating
10 Cine Science Solo Logic DNF
8 The Unfortunate Undoing Cine-Science Logic 2 3.72
7 Littlest Goddess Cine-Science Logic 3.40
7 Hypocritical Oath DNF
6 Happy Happy Robo Rampage! DNF

ZeroByte's awards

Messing with the Player's Vision Presented by gcewing for The Unfortunate Undoing

"Feeling so low your head bends 90 degrees" award Presented by pymike for The Unfortunate Undoing

inspirational innovation Presented by Macarse for The Unfortunate Undoing

Raising standards in Pyweek innovation award Presented by ldle for The Unfortunate Undoing

Thwomp officially endorses this game Presented by saluk for Littlest Goddess

Loosest interpretation of the theme Presented by saluk for Littlest Goddess

Oww, my eyes! Get the light away from my eyes! Presented by saluk for Littlest Goddess

Bloom-in' sweet graphics! Presented by HanClinto for Littlest Goddess