System & Libraries Survey

Because I'm interested, as well are a number of other people reading the messages, I threw together a quick survey for the system capabilities of PyWeek participants. The PyWeek site has hosted similar things before but not having access to that I used Google Docs. :-)

So anyone who wants to can fill out the survey and/or view the results.

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Great survey, thanks!
Thanks for doing that Chard - I just got back into the country this morning and will be setting things up to start the theme voting tomorrow :)
Awesome! :) thanks.
Thanks for the survey, Chard.

@richard: could it be made sticky ?

The survey has had a good response, and has hopefully answered most of the questions from the original thread. I just thought I'd provide a brief breakdown:

  • Most users seem to have both pygame and pyglet. I guess that's to be expected as these are pyweek entrants they've probably installed the libraries for previous challenges.
  • The majority of users will be using Python 2.5. So anyone who's using 2.6 should be careful not to rely on 2.6+ features (multiprocessing, io, fancy formatting strings, class decorators, see or else make sure to test in 2.5.
  • There's a fair split in operating systems. People generally have access to one or two of the main operating systems. This doesn't matter greatly with Python as it ports excellently. Library support is the only issue; certain libraries won't compile on Linux or OS X, binary builds for Windows usually exist.
great survey - these statistics really surprised me

This is the thread for the old survey, please see thenew one.

@richard: Can you correct the sticky?

Haha, I totally missed the thread necro. Will fix.