Final Game Screen Shot

Grandpas Garden

Try your combat skills in this epic beat-em-up. Do you have the skills and reflexes to defend your garden from an army of marauding goons?


Black or White
Presented by Macarse

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Overall: 2.9
Fun: 2.9
Production: 3.4
Innovation: 2.5

3% respondents marked the game as not working.
Respondents: 32


File Uploader Date
Grumpy old man
andyb 2009/05/02 16:09
Final Game
andyb 2009/05/02 15:49
Final Game Screen Shot
andyb 2009/05/02 15:46
First screen shot
MattS 2009/04/30 16:32

Diary Entries

Update on our project

We got together today to work on our entry for pyweek. We must say that "get off my lawn" was not the theme we wanted, we had a very good idea for "half sovereign" involving half a king. Otherwise we came up with quite a good idea. We have quite a bit done already.... stay tuned for a screenshot.

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