Level 3



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Overall: 3.2
Fun: 2.9
Production: 3.3
Innovation: 3.4

6% respondents marked the game as not working.
Respondents: 15


File Uploader Date
MD5 hash: 7008867895fb95772ed86b9256cc3e8f
alia 2009/05/02 23:57
Level 3
alia 2009/05/02 23:47
Final sub: MD5 hash: 16dbd73eaa6e54c038d2a59fded070ec
alia 2009/05/02 23:43
MD5 hash: fc41fef3f1af032447e0ab4f1167848d
alia 2009/05/02 21:32
hud sexyness
alia 2009/05/02 11:09
Suburbia title
alia 2009/05/02 04:57
First level playable - much polish to do - not final
alia 2009/05/02 04:56
Current progress
alia 2009/05/01 07:01
Our first screen shot, game over
alia 2009/04/30 08:12

Diary Entries

Most common libs survey

So last time we made the mistake of using too many libs that other people didnt... I think this time we will try to cut that down a little. Im not sure if it was this comp or another but I once saw a really nice little pre-comp survey to see what everyone was going to use. Does anyone know the one im talking about?

Something like this but for libs.



First screenie

So haven't managed to spend much time with this (what with full time job and moving house + jetlag!) BUT we think we have a very simple idea that can be finished(!) on time. Definitely inspired by the theme, just not sure how close to the theme it really is. :)


Blocks of items from a suburban street scene drop from above. By combining them to make scenes, the player completes the goals for the level. Including lawns. :P


Arrow keys are the main controls. Tap or hold left and right to move the blocks horizontally. Tap or hold down to move the block downwards vertically. There is no way to move the blocks upwards.

More to follow.....screenie here

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Fist playable

Made some nice progress - still lots to go, but will have something to submit this time for sure!

Havent put in the pyweek setup stuff yet, but ill get to that tonight hopefully.

Here is the current build.

more to come...

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Final Submission!!!

Saweeeeet! We actually are pretty close to complete - a few more levels would have been nice.. oh well time was well spent probably about 1/5th of the time

Grab it here! Grab it here!

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Build Notes - Please Read!

YAY! we finished. Of course, there are some last minute issues that cropped up, but we are pretty happy that the game is fairly playable. Here are some things you might want to know when playing.

A. Enabling Specials.
(We didn't do a very good job of explaining them) The specials unlock when you fulfill a requirement on the list. If you continue to get that item they will continue to unlock! Use the number keys to launch a special as your next block.

B. What Specials do.
1 - Random. Chooses a random special.
2 - Nuke. Clears all blocks in your level.
3 - Bulldozer. Clears 1 block on either side.
4 - Flood. Clears all blocks in a horizontal line.
5 - Dynamite. Clears all blocks in a 1 space radius.
6 - Tornado. Clears all blocks in a vertical line.

C. The Lawn Guy
The Lawn Guy has a small bug. There is an empty space in the top right corner of this item, but if you build the other 3 spaces, the item won't register till you drop something in the empty space.

Other than that, it should work reasonably well. We couldn't get all the levels we wanted done, so levels 2 and 3 are the same for now. Have fun and tell us what you think!



Grats all!

Well that was fun!
Lots of great entries and some good feedback (that we shall incorporate into a piggy build) The only disappointment I have is only getting 15 people to try our game...Ill have to figure out how to get more people interested enough..
Anyway, cant wait until next time!