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PyGameSF entry to pyweek. Hopefully we will have some fun! Note by playing or downloading this game or viewing this pyweek entry you hereby agree to be bound by the terms and conditions outlined in the DuraTurf HandySod License Agreement, a copy of which can be found here:


Knows the lambda
Presented by T-002

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Overall: 2.8
Fun: 2.5
Production: 2.5
Innovation: 3.2

3% respondents marked the game as not working.
Respondents: 26


File Uploader Date
final source for release
htormey 2009/05/02 23:35
Latest mac release
htormey 2009/05/02 23:30
Final release, OSX Binary
cbean 2009/05/02 22:01
Final release source
cbean 2009/05/02 22:01
Final releast candidate!
cbean 2009/05/02 22:00
Tutorial screenshot
cbean 2009/05/02 21:40
OSX Binary.
cbean 2009/05/02 21:39
cbean 2009/05/02 21:39
99% feature complete win32 binaries.
cbean 2009/05/02 21:38
New sprites
cbean 2009/04/29 06:52
First screen
cbean 2009/04/28 07:49

Diary Entries

First screen

Just added the first screenshot. We need to get a better grass texture, all of that green is hurting my eyes! But the bugs are crawling. You'll be lucky to get off of the lawn alive...

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Crawling along

More art, decent player movement, and some semblance of AI. Hopefully we'll have something playable soon!

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Hi all I just thought I would Included the spec for our game so that everyone has a better idea of what its about. Campdivisible consists of Colin Bean, Harry Tormey and Brad Busse. At present we do not have a name for this game, so any suggestions are more than welcome.

Get off My Lawn
Note on Game Play and spawning:
  • A random sequence of 5 colored bugs is chosen.
  • Any given bug color defeats two other other bug colors.
  • Example: Blue: Beats red, yellow. Red: Beats yellow, white. Yellow: Beats white, green. Green: Beats Red, Blue.
  • One of the Bugs is the key bug,the number of other colored bugs varies.
  • Player color is set to a non key bugs colors.
  • The players color determines the bugs he can beat. All other colored bugs can kill him.
  • The player changes color to the bug he kills.
  • Their is a door tile which matches the color of the key bug.
  • Once you kill the key bug, you can pass through the door way ending the level/game

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This was close to the last design decision we made, but our game is called Pesticde!

Your lawn has been infested with burrowing, mutant bugs. Try to escape alive!

Bugs that are the same color as you ingore you.

The rest will try to kill you on contact!

Your color allows you to kill 2 other colors of bug on contact.

When you kill a bug you take its color.

You need to be the same color as a web to pass through it.

Move with the arrow keys.

You can scroll the map by holding down Shift and using the arrow keys.

The last web holds your key to freedom!

Press 'P' to pause and access the menu.

That's it, happy bug hunting! We have been killing our share of bugs in the last few hours ;)


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Appendix C: Read in Case of Lawn Aggression

*NOTICE: By the terms of section 3.14 of your DuraTurf HandySod License Agreement, DuraTurf Industries cannot be held responsible for personal loss or injury suffered as a direct result of lawn mistreatment, unless covered under one or more of the exemptions listed in Subsection 3.14.159 of your License Agreement.*

In some unfortunate circumstances, your DuraTurf HandySod Suburban Ecosystem might attempt to rise up and destroy you and all humanity. DON'T WORRY! DuraTurf Industries expects and has planned for just this eventuality. By following the simple steps presented in this guide, you too can escape unscathed!

NOTE: In the course of normal lawn operation, you may at times notice DuraTurf Semi-Voluntary Security Units ("Bugs") performing patrols in the vicinity of family members. This is perfectly normal - if the DuraTurf HandySod installation procedure was properly followed, your DuraTurf PheroGeneIDs have been entered into the genetic memory and the Bugs will recognize them as proper owners.

Accidents happen, however, and human error can unbalance even the most stable security system. In the event that DuraTurf Bugs do NOT properly recognize you as the correct owner, DuraTurf Industries have installed a number of failsafes that you can fall back on to escape, should the need arise.

DID YOU KNOW? - Not only do you and your loved ones have unique DuraTurf PheroGeneIDs, so do your Bugs! Not only do your Bugs guard you, they guard each other!!

Each DuraTurf Semi-Voluntary Security Unit is hardcoded at "birth" with a particular PheroGeneID. Most DuraTurf HandySod Suburban Ecosystems are equipped with FIVE different PheroGeneID classes. In the event of inter-Bug conflict, some PheroGeneID classes may cause involuntary viscera relocation when brought into contact with other types. The Bug classes vulnerable to your specific PheroGenoID key are shown at the bottom right of your Human User-info Diagramme (HUD). Additionally, Bugs with YOUR PheroGeneID class will recognize you as one of their own. However, classes not covered by the above ARE VERY deadly to your own. AVOID THEM AT ALL COSTS.

When a Bug is disassociated in such a manner, some of its pheromones will mask yours. THIS IS TEMPORARY, and can be removed with vigorous application of soap and water. The "splattered" Bug PheroGeneID is still active, however, so take care not to come too close to any of that Bug's enemies (your HUD will update to reflect this).

In order to leave the DuraTurf HandySod Active Area, you will also need to pass several layers of DurfTurf Organic Fencing Material, laid down by your Bugs to keep undesirables out (but, unfortunately, you inside!!). The ONLY way to pass Fencing Material is to have the proper PheroGeneID class, which means splattering the right Bug. With some care, you'll find this ordeal to be an easy and fun experience!

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Note for Windows Binaries

Windows users, if you're running our distributable and getting an error like

The application has failed to start because the application configuration is incorrect. Reinstalling the application may fix this problem.

it is because I built the project against Python2.6 and it's looking for the Visual Studio 2008 runtime. If you would be so kind as to install the Visual Studio 2008 C runtime[1] (it's only 1.7M!), then our game should work.

Thanks, Colin

[1] 32 bit: http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/details.aspx?FamilyID=9b2da534-3e03-4391-8a4d-074b9f2bc1bf&displaylang=en
64 bit: http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/details.aspx?familyid=bd2a6171-e2d6-4230-b809-9a8d7548c1b6&displaylang=en

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