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LAWn Enforcer

It is a top-down view shooter, you play a robot called "LAWn Enforcer", and your purpose in life is to keep people's lawns without any pests, including aliens.. who cant seem to get the hint to stay off it!


Most russian developer
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Overall: 2.6
Fun: 2.7
Production: 2.8
Innovation: 2.2

36% respondents marked the game as not working.
Respondents: 23


File Uploader Date
Final version! :)
nuker18 2009/05/02 21:42
Highscore now works! and saves your score, and thats the last critical feature, now for some polish...
nuker18 2009/05/02 17:01
A bit smarter enemy type, 2 levels, a menu, and instructions in-game...
nuker18 2009/05/02 12:40
Version 0.7 Screenshot
nuker18 2009/05/01 16:02
Playable first version! need menu, and levels, and sounds, and stuff...
nuker18 2009/05/01 15:53
Can see some shooting and life decreasing and some initial enemies...
nuker18 2009/04/29 16:23
Some more features on screen :)
nuker18 2009/04/29 13:11
First Screenshot, the blue blob will change :)
nuker18 2009/04/28 12:24

Diary Entries


so much stuff to be done! need to make levels, need to make a menu, need to make level switching, highscore counting and display, sounds, smarter ai... and more...

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I knew there is going to be some hard part in this game... That would be the AI, making a smart fighter in this game is very hard. Managed to make a bit intelligent one so far. I still need to do high score table and its functionality... (At the least)... And the there is sound and stuff...

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7 hours to go

And so much to do... at least i am done with critical features... now i can focus on sound and smarter AI and more levels.

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