October 2018 challenge

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Don't worry, be happy!

Entrant: xmzhang1

No Way Back

If you choose a stupid entry name there is no way to change it. Except to delete it and start a new one.

Entrant: yarolig

The return of saluk

I'm hoping to make a digital board game type game - it all depends on the theme and how it inspires me.

Entrant: saluk


A game with Dinosaurs in it.

Entrant: phoe6


Something goes here

Entrant: lucio

A game with bugs

This game will have bugs in it

Entrant: wezu


Entrant: coen


I love Kenney's graphics library, PyGameZero and Mu. Let's see what I can do with them :D

  • Book leave for the week
  • Set up entry page
  • Figure out how to package up a game + test that that part works (maybe make the demo above available as a test?)
  • Work out screen capture and recording software for updates. (Livestream development?)
  • Simple agile/scrum-like workflow (one morning / afternoon / evening = 1 sprint?)
  • Look at themes from last couple of competitions + workshop them?

Entrant: AnthonyB

Haven't Written Python in Years

I haven't written Python in years, I've been doing a lot of C (because it's fun). But I'll try Python again to see what I can get done when I don't care about twiddling bits. (I'll probably still twiddle bits)

Entrant: tnelsond


Entrant: allefant

No Entry

Not sure if I can make it this time around.

Got school to cover.

Entrant: Zuzu_Typ

bah weep grah na who took my username?

Been nearly ten years since I last entered.  I don't do much python, and I'm only older and slower now, but will be interesting to see how I can juggle work, home, and this contest.  I'm hoping to be able to use other people's libraries this time (so long as there's not too much to them), or at least to try and not reinvent stuff myself.

Entrant: wreckgar23

The Larry And Dan Show

Several time Pyweek entrant and CPython core developer, teaming up again for Pyweek 26

Team: mauve, larry

When the game is done we'll title it, silly.

SMADEV (of Super Magic Adventure) and GBMDEV (of Gebruikerman) join forces as team Momojo

Entrant: zwerver

Cauch's entry

Trying to do this one.
Maybe not. Depends if I have time.

Entrant: cauch



Entrant: chrisyan2000


Let's try something this year with Mu and Pygame Zero

Entrant: Titimoby


I'm still thinking about it!

Entrant: JamK

Project Py

...will be added later

Entrant: bletvaska



Entrant: Ensouled

The better

Let's have some fun.

Entrant: RicBin

Team probably just

Well, premature to describe a game I don't even have an idea for.

Entrant: ikanreed


solo entry, will try to do something interesting 

Entrant: gizmo_thunder

Code to Joy

I say, I say, I say.... What do you get when you cross a software developer and an author?

I don't know, what do you get when you cross a software developer and an author?

An entry for PyWeek! B'dum tish.

More fun with PyGameZero and Mu on the cards... setting low expectations via the medium of rotten jokes.

Team: ntoll, zappascout

Unicorn Game Machine

I guess we will find out soon...

Entrant: Unicorn Markets

Chicken Coup

Currently waiting for inspiration... Come back soon.

Entrant: haker23

Little First Game

This is my first entry to PyWeek, and my first game written in Python.

Entrant: rockachopa


We'll see how this goes.

Entrant: sgh304

yet another game

I'm here to have fun and explore new game ideas!

Entrant: benoxoft

The Grumpy Grizzly Entry

Temporary name for the future challenge in october

Entrant: GrumpyGrizzly


To be decided

Entrant: fydmyster

a good game

This'll be my third PyWeek. Going alone this time.

Entrant: OrionDark7


I make games in my free time :D.

Entrant: StroPy


Entrant: IvanTHoffmann


I'm not sure if I'll get the chance to make a sub-par 'game' like I did a few years back. If you're lucky I'll be too busy!

Entrant: capturts


First time entering pyWeek challenge. Going to use PygameZero, Mu Editor. Going to work with my students on this challenge.

Entrant: dnbailey

Grumpy Cat

Entrant: armis


It's our first Pyweek. Looking forward to making something.

Team: davyk3001, ste.pool, Noelle, isioviel

Ohai there

It's been ages since I did a PyWeek. I'm looking forward to having another crack at it, using maybe pygame zero? Not sure...

Entrant: richard



Entrant: Tee