Alexander Izmailov



PyWeek Game Team Rating
35 The fine dinner 2.77
34 Resupply DNF
32 BeerOnTheWall DNF
30 LateWarp 3.06
28 Crossing foothills DNF
27 FacilityVI 2.98
26 Crossing sea! 3.36
25 Crossing the river 3.10

yarolig's awards

This snake is so scary. It looks like this -- THE AWARD Presented by speedlimit35 for The fine dinner

RIP ModernGL Presented by OrionDark7 for Crossing foothills

Vim keybindings! Presented by mauve for FacilityVI

The what kind of boat is that award Presented by AnthonyB for Crossing sea!

run!lara!run! sorry, I am lost ... Presented by xmzhang1 for Crossing sea!

iimpressieve art Presented by speedlimit35 for Crossing the river

The Python 2 is dead award Presented by ntoll for Crossing the river

Dank Game Presented by ozcer for Crossing the river