Day 6 - two towers

Crossing the river

For a long time land of orcs and land of goblins was divided by magma river.

Your king are collecting armies and going to conquer a rich neighbour.

He needs a reliable way to quickly cross the flow with all his hordes.

Help him to start a war! Or do something else.


iimpressieve art
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The Python 2 is dead award
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Dank Game
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Overall: 3.1
Fun: 3.1
Production: 3.1
Innovation: 3.1

Respondents: 14


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Binary windows version 0.95 (PyInstaller)
yarolig 2018/04/21 15:07
Source version 0.95
yarolig 2018/04/21 15:03
Day 6 - two towers
yarolig 2018/04/21 11:58
Day 6 - two towers
yarolig 2018/04/20 15:57
Day 5
yarolig 2018/04/19 18:16
Day 3
yarolig 2018/04/17 15:25
Ugly sprites looks good when put together!
yarolig 2018/04/16 18:36
Code is even worse :)
yarolig 2018/04/16 16:11

Diary Entries

Entry names

Well. Now I know why "Nelly's Rooftop Garden" is on page /e/rushed

Short name for entry is fixed. And now I got a half of pyweek 25 theme. My game should be about short names if I want to have meaningful URLs.

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Day 1 - What should I do?

I like the theme but I really don't know what to do.

Can make start menu. Game should be Fun and Innovative.

I am comfortable with 3d-shooters and 2d-scrollers. I don't want to make any kind puzzles.

It is possible to use 3 worlds if I start with "Look! We discovered two new worlds!"

I need to make decision as soon as possible and be Innovative.

What the differene between worlds can be?

Maybe I should make a list of world pairs then make a random choice.

- worlds with different gravity

- mirrored worlds

- universes created as quantum mechanic effects

- steampunk/cyberpunk

- microworld/macroworld

- underwater/dryworld

- underground/aboveground

- 2d/3d

- BigEndian/LittleEndian, tabs/spaces, vim/emacs, functional/imperative. War of robots than can't understand each other because of endianness. Ended by 8-bit microcontroller.

- ORCS vs GOBLINS!!! And TROLLS too!!!

I do not want to make a random choise now.

It will be side-scroller about war between world of orcs and world of goblins. Worlds will be very similar as you can guess.

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Eye protection required.

I'm using pyglet, kolourpaint, GIMP, Tiled Map Editor, QtCreator with pyqtc and 10 years old notebook.

Surprisingly I can't fill 640x480 screen with dynamic tiles keeping 60 FPS. Even manually with OpenGL.

My CPU and GPU are fast enough. Bottleneck is in link between them. I do not intent to change (crash, burn and destroy) map content during gameplay. So placing entire map in one Batch is ok.

My drawings is awful. I can't draw orc or goblin. I tried to draw a wall. Unsuccessful.

There will be blobs and circles in place of monsters.

My code is even worse.

Wear eye protection before viewing

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Day 3 - need more code.

Good news.

- If you can play then you can draw a good sprite set for pyweek.
- Tiled Map Editor is very useful. It has good file format for tiles and maps. I do not need to write map editor. I'm afraid using it a lot is kind of cheating. It is Tiledweek, not pyweek.

Bad news.

- I added many tiles and frame rate drops to 30 FPS.
- Enthusiasm exhausted.

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Day 5

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Day 6

I not finished game yet. I have no start menu, no sound, no winning condition, do dead condition.

But magic works! I have several levels. It looks cool!

Today I need to finish alpha version.

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Day 7


I finished game 8 hours before deadline. There was some troubles with pyinstaller but I googled workaround.

Time to relax. And to draw better levels :)

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