Eye protection required.

I'm using pyglet, kolourpaint, GIMP, Tiled Map Editor, QtCreator with pyqtc and 10 years old notebook.

Surprisingly I can't fill 640x480 screen with dynamic tiles keeping 60 FPS. Even manually with OpenGL.

My CPU and GPU are fast enough. Bottleneck is in link between them. I do not intent to change (crash, burn and destroy) map content during gameplay. So placing entire map in one Batch is ok.

My drawings is awful. I can't draw orc or goblin. I tried to draw a wall. Unsuccessful.

There will be blobs and circles in place of monsters.

My code is even worse.

Wear eye protection before viewing https://github.com/yarolig/ShortName

yarolig on 2018/04/16 16:28 of Short Name