Should be fun and never ending


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Day 1

Hi everyone!
I have made some pyweek games but still have no idea how I'm doing that. I got a plenty of time this week (as usual). Theme is good and should fit a variety of games. Got some ideas about my game but don't like it yet.

The game about unusual topology? Radio station that produces music stream?

Game about beer on the wall? Don't know how to play it but it is a good title!
Game about two killers in a time loop? Of course no but it will have some influence.

I do not want to spend a lot of time drawing assets. Especially in Blender...

Starting to remember what to do on the first day... It is a good time to reinvent UI, find a free font and listen a lot of free music.

Fortunately this site is alive
Going to listen

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No beer

Not going to make it :(