final view

Crossing sea!

Boat racing.


The what kind of boat is that award
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run!lara!run! sorry, I am lost ...
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Overall: 3.4
Fun: 2.9
Production: 4
Innovation: 3.1

Respondents: 15


File Uploader Date
Windows version. (PyInstaller, python3.7-32)
yarolig 2018/10/27 23:27
Source version.
yarolig 2018/10/27 23:16
Added track records
yarolig 2018/10/27 16:04
final view
yarolig 2018/10/27 11:36
Source version.
yarolig 2018/10/27 11:33
Windows version. (PyInstaller, python2.7)
yarolig 2018/10/27 11:24
My new boat model is the piece of alien biological material
yarolig 2018/10/25 20:18
Nice currents
yarolig 2018/10/24 22:07
making 3d textures is fun
yarolig 2018/10/24 17:01
Better terrain
yarolig 2018/10/23 12:44
Terrain is terrible
yarolig 2018/10/22 19:15
yarolig 2018/10/22 11:43
yarolig 2018/10/21 16:22

Diary Entries

Day 0


The theme is flow and I have no plan for it. I don't even know exact meaning of this word. I looked it in wikipedia and urban dictionary. I think psychology and musical meanings are irrelevant.
There is fluid flow, air flow, traffic flow, money flow and mathematical meaning of the flow.

I going to use Ubuntu 18.04, pycharm, pyglet (or pygame) and pyinstaller. I already found some good new music in Today I can make right now main menu and music playback.

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Day 0 evening.

Watched some YouTube videos about flow. Liked one about divirgence and curl. Now I want to make a boat racing game.

Spent some time looking for a good ui library for Python and OpenGL. Everything I found looks unreliable or not convinient. I will make my own ugly ui. Main menu is ready.

Main menu

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Day 1

I count Monday as the Day 1. Now is 15:06 UTC+3.

Searched for a good boat models. 3D model sites listed in are worthless. Registration required and licenses are not clear. Found a good model with a good license on

I am using as a library to load the file.

Three boats in the void


Day 1

There is two obvious things I can do next. Physics. And gameplay.

Gameplay is more important. Now it is time to think about implementing port interface, quests and races. I have a poor ui code. I think I should use it to make a interfaces for quests, cargo and timers.

I enjoyed using the Tiled ( last pyweek. Why not use it again?

I studied about the Perlin noise this summer. I may use it to make a few planets :)

But quests are more important now.

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Day 1 evening - terrible terrain

I prepared some fetch quests and played with terrain generation.

I'm too lazy to draw all maps. Perhaps random generator will do it better :)

I wasted a lot of time to make terrain generator and now game looks terrible.


Tuesday. Started making races.

I remember one "important anecdote".
There is a very important anecdote about an author who thought that he would write all the most exciting and interesting parts of their story first, and go back and put in the boring middle parts afterward. When they were done writing only the exciting parts, they looked over their work, came to an important realization, and sent the completed draft off to their editor.

So I stopped to make a big boring world and started to make races.

I have no boat physics yet. So making a lot of races now is reckless.

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Wednesday morning - 7 FPS

Yesterday was disappointing. I failed to invent the flow of water. My FPS is too low on some of my computers.

Today I remembered some important things.
1. I am a competent software developer! Writing computer programs is an important part of my life. I can do these things right.
2. To make one new thing you usually need to make a hundred broken things.

What I want to do today.
  • delete code I don't like.
  • add more music (I have the only track since Sunday and I will hate it soon)
  • change video drivers and write in readme that my game is incompatible with nouveau
  • replace OBJ loader
  • add some fun things to game. Funny sounds when hitting coast and reaching checkpoint.

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Thursday evening - drawing levels

My game becames fun. I played a lot and draw more levels.

But I got a strange bug. My currents are working on one computer but gone crazy on another. May be it is better to turn it off completely. My boat physic looks like a bad car physics. I'm tired to rewrite it. 

Time to prepare packages. And add a boring but important stuff like a plot.

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Good morning!

I tried to launch my game on Windows. Got a couple of bugs. As usual.

There is no gluBuild3DMipmaps. Need to write my own.
I forgot to add normals to terrain. Without mipmaps I can see it clearly.
Game crashes when windows resized (I think it loses textures and buffers).
Pygame can't find the default font when game packed with pyinstaller. I will add a custom font.

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Friday night

In the morning I think that everything I do is complete mess. But I played a lot with that today. And now I think that it is a masterpiece!

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Game looks ready!

I have some features to do. But game looks good enough.

I will be glad if someone try it before the deadline.

Now it is time to rest for a while and to try other games.


Saturday evening

I still have some stuff to do in last hours:
- equalize music volume (done)
- race records (done)
- minimap (or just add more buoys :) )
- terrain normals
- add good textures
- collisions with other boats
- pack and submit again

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Windows bug

There is no time to investigate it. And no time to reupload README. But I still can write a little warning here.

On one of my windows PCs there is a terrible lag for keypresses. It is impossible to play my game.

If you experiencing random lags between keypress and boat movement please do not suffer! Try to use other OS or other computer.

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