Day 1

I count Monday as the Day 1. Now is 15:06 UTC+3.

Searched for a good boat models. 3D model sites listed in are worthless. Registration required and licenses are not clear. Found a good model with a good license on

I am using as a library to load the file.

Three boats in the void

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For models, try Google Poly. Most are CC-BY.
Also has some 3D assets including watercraft.

Looks good!

You can change your entry name by going to your entry page and selecting "Manage this entry" from the menu near the top.

I love the simple lines for the waves! How are you rendering those?
mauve, thank you for links.

Thank you, AnthonyB, but I actually want to change URL for entry, not the name. Name changing works.

saluk, sorry but I will change these lines to something different. One end of each line is on a grid. The other end is randomly chosen. Code for these lines is here