Final game - level 4 out of 5

Go with the Flow

Sustainable tourism on the Amazon river system

Python 3.6, PyGame, Pillow

Travellers are queueing up to visit the Amazon river system. However, in this sensitive ecosystem tourism is carefully controlled. Only a few electric amphibious vehicles are allowed, and they must run on solar power.

Look closely to see the river flowing - A small detail that I'm particularly pleased with :-)

Control your vehicle with the arrow keys (fast, slow, left, right) and pick up your first passenger. Show them the sights, then take them back to their hotel.

Pop by a power tower to recharge the battery. If you run out of power you lose your vehicle.

Float down the river to save power. Use the space bar to switch to flow mode (and back). Leave the river in time or it will disappear from the game.

Get a vehicle to move up the river, whilst you take control of another car. Hit space bar and enter the water. The start of the rivers now each get a letter. Hit that letter to move upstream towards it. Use the space bar to leave the river at any time.

Use the tab key to switch to the next vehicle.

The game has 5 levels. See how fast you can complete them all. If you want to create more levels, just add them to the levels.txt file.

When going up and down the river, the car should be pointing the correct way. That isn't quite working yet. Also, some of the 'collision detection' is a bit off

GitHub repo at (this didn't work in the Github repo box on the form, in any shape or form I could think of)


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Overall: 2.9
Fun: 2.4
Production: 3
Innovation: 3.2

6% respondents marked the game as not working.
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Final game - level 4 out of 5
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