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Operation MoonLight

We would be glad if you could try the game through the github repository since we fixed a bug making the game less enjoyable. Of course don't forget to take that in account for the notation. (You can check changelog for modifications)


The earth is now struggling to meet its increasing population's needs in energy. Out of fossil resources, humanity went further and beyond to avoid going back to the stone age.

Some scientists discovered new very efficient kinds of fuel, based on Helium-3 and Hydrogen. Unfortunately, this isotope of helium is only found in rare traces on Earth. However, guess what's full of these fuels? The Moon.

You have been sponsored by a company to travel to the Moon, where your goal is to start tapping into this huge body of raw energy, and eventually sending it back to Earth.


  • Produce as much energy as possible with several extractors, convertors and warehouses.
  • Control and manage this flow of energy with connectors and batteries.
  • Transmit it to available towns on Earth, using the great Light Transmitter.
  • Of course your are now selling energy to the towns willing to pay the most !

Gameplay & Controls

With mouse only.

You can build the following:
  • Gatherers: extract resources from the ground
  • Combiners: combine two resources into another one
  • Producers: produce energy
  • Capacitors: stock energy and resources
  • Connectors: connect buildings
  • Transmitter: sends energy to the earth (don't forget to connect it to the energy network)
  • Headquarter: you need to level up this building to unlock researches
Almost every building needs to be connected.
You can upgrade a building with the "Upgrade" button.
You may cancel an action (e.g. placing a building or upgrading) by right clicking.


You can do some research to improve your buildings or unlock new ones.
New buildings give access to a new kind of resource.
You have to upgrade the headquarter to access other buildings' upgrade levels.


You can earn credits by fulfiling contracts.
On the "Contracts" page, you can select a contract you want to accomplish.
You cannot change the current contract unless you complete it.
To complete a contract, you need to send a certain amount or energy to the town specified in the contract (see "EARTH/SEND ENERGY" section).

The main goal of the game is to send energy to Earth.
Towns are connected only on certains hours. So if you want to send energy to a specific town, you have to wait for the town to be available.
To transmit energy, you have to connect your transmitter to a working energy network.
Toggle the "Start sending/Stop sending" button to enable energy transfer. Don't forget to disable the transfer when you're done.
Energy can only sent from your batteries.


Almost everything is homemade !
Except :


If you encounter any problem feel free to ask a question here or on the repository.
Thanks for your time !


  • Fix on energy transmitter and battery causing crash in some situations.
  • Fix overconsuming resources.
  • Adjust transmitter balance.


Wide Monitor Required
Presented by gizmo_thunder

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Overall: 3.1
Fun: 2.9
Production: 3.1
Innovation: 3.2

11% respondents marked the game as not working.
Respondents: 15


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