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It's our first Pyweek. Looking forward to making something.


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Overall: 3.3
Fun: 3.1
Production: 3.4
Innovation: 3.4

5% respondents marked the game as not working.
Respondents: 16


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Destination: Irrelevant
ste.pool 2018/10/27 17:47
Noelle 2018/10/26 12:04
Noelle 2018/10/26 12:02
1st playthrough
Noelle 2018/10/26 11:56
Noelle 2018/10/25 09:38
road sprites
Noelle 2018/10/21 23:04

Diary Entries

Day 01: Traffic Simulator - Sprites & Right Turns

It's 2019 and all cars on the road are self-driving but they haven't quite figured out collisions yet: Enter You, the player, who is the new intersection manager for the city. Minimise collisions and get everyone to their destination ASAP. 

Thus this game models the flow of traffic. If we can only get everyone to stay in their lane.

Davy & Steven did an amazing job building the engine and figuring out the logic of the game. Who knew that, like the real world, there's a difference between left turns (which hug the road) and right turns (which have to cross over a lane)... 

Also, for simplicity sake, it is set in an American city. Round-abouts are way too complicated for me (an actual American) to learn to drive on, let alone our imaginary self-driving cars. However, everyone drives on the left side of the road in this game because it's the future. Stuff happens.

I spent most of today figuring out spritesheets (thanks kenney) and then making roads with sidewalks appear. I am especially proud of figuring out how to set random colours for our the cars, pictured below.

I'm considering calling it "Keep Driving and Nobody Dies". We'll see

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Self-driving cars are impatient. They'll just drive right through each other and park in the middle of an intersection. It's like they don't even care. Rude.

We've implemented visible brake lights -  so that we can see which ones are stopped - and if they'd only share with us... "why" ....

I'm also thinking we need to find a library for better RGB colors, because the random function we generated seems to always make them too white or pastel-y and not typical car colours. But, you know, it is the future. Maybe all cars are pink in the future. You don't know. 



Story & design

Davy did an amazing job on the title/intro screen. It feels like tHe FuTuRe~##~


I want everyone to know I spent so long making those cute little buildings, I hope you appreciate them!