Opening screen... ;-)

Traffic Flowmageddon

I say, I say, I say.... What do you get when you cross a software developer and an author?

I don't know, what do you get when you cross a software developer and an author?

An entry for PyWeek! B'dum tish.

More fun with PyGameZero and Mu on the cards... setting low expectations via the medium of rotten jokes.


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Overall: 2.6
Fun: 2.5
Production: 3.1
Innovation: 2.2

Respondents: 17


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Opening screen... ;-)
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Story so far...
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Diary Entries

Ideas and Timezones

This is my first time in a team entry for PyWeek.  This is only the second time I've written a game! My team-mate is a beginner programmer and we have an 8 hour timezone difference (I'm in the UK, he's in California). I'm not even sure if he's familiar with GitHub.

But what I do know is we're going to have a lot of fun.

We banged our heads together to generate some ideas over email before the theme was announced. Now that we have a theme to work with I've spent this afternoon bodging together a Frankenstein's monster of various ideas we'd had for a bunch of the other themes... it's 99 lines of code written with Mu and PyGameZero and is shaping up to be a Frogger-ish traffic flow navigation game. I'm tentatively calling it "Traffic Flowmageddon". I'm not even sure if my team-mate likes it! (Right now, he might not even be awake.)


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Traffic Flow with Actual Traffic (Boxes)

Traffic Flow with actual traffic

So we have a background that looks like a couple of lanes on a road and randomly generated boxes to represent cars, bikes and buses. It's starting to look like a game. I think the next stop should be filling in the graphical assets for the traffic. Because of work related commitments this represents only about 3 hours of coding effort and around 100 lines of code with PyGameZero and Mu.

I have tomorrow evening free... so I hope to show the game a bit more love in terms of features and polish.

My team-mate is working on sound effects and the like so, assuming we can coordinate, things should just come together. ;-)

Yay, teamwork!


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Stock (free) images for traffic (animation needs work)

Just spent a bit of time hunting down some free-to-use stock "top down" traffic images to use in the game to represent the flow of traffic. I think they work quite well.

What works less well is the walking animation for the player... Right now he appears to be break-dancing with great vigour no matter which way he's walking. Needs work... ;-)


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Animation fixed

OK... we have something that looks like a game! Looking forward to hearing what sounds Andrew has found. We could probably add more diversity in terms of the traffic, oh and a "death" of appropriate gruesomeness . But once we have sounds and more traffic then I think we can start to make the levels increasingly difficult (slower traffic, smaller vehicles to start with).

Animation works

(Actually, this also looks like the world's smallest GTA clone...)


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Now with added ZOMBIES!


A game about traffic flow Armageddon wouldn't be complete without some lumbering zombies to avoid. Other stuff we've added... death state (splat) and complete traffic types: bike, motocycle, car, taxi, London bus and lorry.

Our game mechanics are complete!

Next steps: refining this so we have levels of increasing difficulty, Andrew's amazing work on SFX.

This is turning into Frogger meets GTA meets Day of the Dead. But the most hellish part, is our accurate simulation of London traffic flow. ;-)

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It's a Wrap (Pending Play Tests)


Hurrah... The game is more or less done pending tests with my kids. Great work Andrew, on the music and sound effects! You can see a video of the game here:

Yes, it really is Frogger meets GTA meets Shaun of the Dead. All made with Mu and PyGameZero, around 400 lines of Python and far too much time in the GIMP. ;-)

As always, it's been great fun (if a tad time constrained). Many many thanks to Dan Pope for running the competition and everyone else for the support. Can't wait to play your games in the judging weeks.

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What a week

Yes, thanks Dan Pope, what an enjoyable and delightfully hair-teary week. Still having my training wheels on, I learnt a huge amount from watching a real pro (thanks Ntoll!) at work, and from absorbing the logic of the code as it evolved, while still feeling able to contribute in real ways to the making of the game. Now comes the part I've been most looking forward to - getting to see and play everyone else's creations, so many of which look amazingly imaginative. Then roll on next year!

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Entry submitted

...aaaaaand cut!

Just added the final entry source-code and assets to this entry. A better way to get at them is probably via this release on GitHub.

Please check out the README for instructions to play (tl;dr: install PyGameZero, type "pgzrun" in the source directory). Any problems, please give me a kick.

Looking forward to playing everyone else's games.

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