Ideas and Timezones

This is my first time in a team entry for PyWeek.  This is only the second time I've written a game! My team-mate is a beginner programmer and we have an 8 hour timezone difference (I'm in the UK, he's in California). I'm not even sure if he's familiar with GitHub.

But what I do know is we're going to have a lot of fun.

We banged our heads together to generate some ideas over email before the theme was announced. Now that we have a theme to work with I've spent this afternoon bodging together a Frankenstein's monster of various ideas we'd had for a bunch of the other themes... it's 99 lines of code written with Mu and PyGameZero and is shaping up to be a Frogger-ish traffic flow navigation game. I'm tentatively calling it "Traffic Flowmageddon". I'm not even sure if my team-mate likes it! (Right now, he might not even be awake.)