PyWeek Game Team Rating
27 Six Shootin' Cats Six Shootin' Cats 3.45
26 Super Flowmaster Team Momojo 3.51

anonymous's awards

The Tex Avery Animation Award Presented by wezu for Six Shootin' Cats

yikes Presented by assertivist for Six Shootin' Cats

Anthropomorphic Cats! Presented by mauve for Six Shootin' Cats

The Nine is Just Six But Upside Down Award for Numeric Artistic License Presented by ntoll for Six Shootin' Cats

L(s, d) = x^c Presented by Unicorn Markets for Super Flowmaster

Least Appetizing Use of Pizza Presented by rdb for Super Flowmaster

WTFDIJP? Presented by wezu for Super Flowmaster

Dizzy Graphics Presented by gizmo_thunder for Super Flowmaster

Psychedelic Screenshots! Presented by capturts for Super Flowmaster