Setup a pipeline to build more thing more quickly. Why do you want to build all this anyway?


- Python 2.7
- Pygame 1.9.3+
- numpy

Other dependencies are now bundled.

Please see the readme and in-game instructions for more information.

Tutorial for the first few things to do in the game

Here's a video of what should happen (from a slightly modified game so I can show the time ellapsed since the last keyboard key press): Recording

0. The game window should be mostly black. If playing version 1.0.2 (instead of 1.0), ignore the other window that's for debugging only.
1. At the title screen, left click on word "start" at the center of the star.
2. Move your mouse cursor over the left rectangle where it says "Will" and press w (on your keyboard keeping the mouse cursor there) 4 times.
3. Something should appear at the top ("0/4 Will | Research ..."). Left-click anywhere in that rectangle, move the mouse cursor down a bit (anywhere) and left-click (to drop the rectangle that should be following you after the first left-click).
4. Press w 4 times with the mouse cursor over the "0/4 Will" box (not the "0/2 Will" although you'll have to do that later and could instead do it early).
5. A new rectangle replaces the old one at the top. Left-click on it and left-click anywhere in the play area to drop a copy of it.
6. Press p with the mouse cursor over the "Si 0(+1)" (from the beginning of the game)
7. Press p with the mouse cursor over the "0/2 Si" (from the rectangle you dropped in step 5)

Later on, as you get more things to add, you'll have to scroll the top pane by spinning the mouse wheel over it (there may be gaps between objects; this is a known bug).


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Overall: 2.7
Fun: 2.5
Production: 2.1
Innovation: 3.4

26% respondents marked the game as not working.
Respondents: 11


File Uploader Date
Game with all dependencies except pygame and numpy. Updated readme.
asrp 2018/10/28 16:35
Game - with all dependencies bundled except pygame and numpy
asrp 2018/10/28 16:20
Game with added missing dependencies
asrp 2018/10/28 16:10
asrp 2018/10/28 15:23
asrp 2018/10/28 13:58

Diary Entries

End of pyweek

Well, I think there's no question that this went poorly. At least there's something submitted.

I thought the main mechanic was simple enough that I should be able to implement it in about half a day took almost the entire time.

I'm not exactly sure what went wrong either. Maybe my library just isn't ready yet, there were still bugs found during pyweek after all. All the evals make the stack less meaningful and make debuggers and profilers less useful.

Having to setup the game for easy reload instead of a restart was also a bit of a pain. Maybe more time is spent than saved doing. It does get easier as more of the game and this process is complete though. I always thought this would be the best part. Oh well.

I think last pyweek went much better even though I didn't submit anything in the end.

Time to play all the other entries now.

Edit: Please feel free to reply here with comments, report bugs and anything else. Should have said this earlier.


OSX bug

Thanks to everyone who rated this entry and reported bugs!

For those getting that OSX bug, could you try the fix suggested here?

I'd be very interested for the sake of the library I'm using.

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