Boss Fight

Time Chicken

A chicken which casts spells to control the flow of time and help The Demon Egg to safety.

Game Features:

  • Start Menu
  • Control run speed (LEFT/RIGHT ARROWS)
  • Jump (SPACEBARD)
  • Cast Spells (LETTERS)
  • Check Spellbook (TAB)
  • Pause (ESC)

Running The Game:


   1. Activate the virtualenv ("venv\Scripts\activate")

             (Note: skips step 1 if you have pygame and python3 installed already)

   2. Run the game ("python") 


  You will need Python3 and pygame installed

  1. Run the python script ("python")

Please comment with any difficulties or feedback, it would be really appreciated!


Golden Cockatrice Award for the portrayal of arcane poultry
Presented by wezu

Learn to type fast - the hard way
Presented by arifsch

The Lvl. 8 Chicken of the Infinite Award
Presented by ntoll

Eggcellent Game Name
Presented by capturts

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Ratings (show detail)

Overall: 3.7
Fun: 3.4
Production: 4.1
Innovation: 3.6

5% respondents marked the game as not working.
Respondents: 17


File Uploader Date
Time Chicken Submission 28th Oct 2018
haker23 2018/10/27 23:22
Boss Fight
haker23 2018/10/24 23:29
Looking at the spellbook to know what spells to type.
haker23 2018/10/24 00:29

Diary Entries

Hello, world!

Time Chicken from Chicken Coup will be made in 5 days. 

Because I gave myself yesterday off. I never claimed to be smart.

python -m pip install pygame

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Day One Complete

Installed Python 3.7

Downloaded pygame

Trawled the docs: (External)

Sorted a massive Trello Board (External)

Got a good start...

Time Chicken WIP

Time Chicken WIP 2

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Day Two Complete

Youtube Link (External)


Day 2 has been fruitful as well as joyous.

Enjoying PyWeek so far!

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Day Three Complete


Actual picture of the Time Chicken Code

Actual picture of the Time Chicken code


Day Four Complete

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Day Five Complete

I really appreciate the comments and awards - so far PyWeek has been a really great experience!

Would certainly have liked to be more social but it's quite tiring work!

Today was less spectacular development so tomorrow's final push should clean things up nicely...

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PyWeek 26 Complete

The final game is definitely an example of code-first think-later but it works every time I run it so I can only hope that counts for something.

Insanely tired now but here's a software-captured (read: lots of dropped frames) gameplay video anyway:

Time Chicken Gameplay Video

Looking forward to trying some of the other entries (and not so much to seeing how bad my code is in comparison)

Animated GIF

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Running Time Chicken

Haven't been able to test the game on macOS, Linux, or different machines so I can only hope the experience has been smooth.

I updated the description with some vague clues for running, please let me know if there are any issues.


You used KUKAREKU. It was not very effective.

Sorry to anyone who played Time Chicken and was frustrated that the "Kukareku" spell didn't work.

In the last 10 minutes before submission (as all good game-breaking stories start) I changed the image "Assets\Images\spell3.png" to be a 1x1px image so it would be invisible.

Foolish. It's too small for the spell to successfully hit anything.

Simply change the image to anything bigger than 1x1px and it will work (e.g. copy "Assets\Images\rock.png" and rename it "Assets\Images\spell3.png" or ideally replace "Assets\Images\spell3.png" with a 100x100px transparent image)

Doesn't ruin the whole game but kukareku (a high-damage, close range attack) is useless without a patch.

Thanks all!

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