Running Time Chicken

Haven't been able to test the game on macOS, Linux, or different machines so I can only hope the experience has been smooth.

I updated the description with some vague clues for running, please let me know if there are any issues.

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Works on Linux with Python 3.6, Pygame 1.9.4.

There's some oddity where a badgers get stuck when the fox appears, but I'm guessing that's a game bug and not platform specific.
That's awesome, thanks for letting me know!

Frozen badgers was a design decision - it gives the chance that the bossfight might be a bit more tricky if you have to avoid bumping into a random badger and maybe get rid of it to give yourself more space to move!

Originally they automatically died and fell off-screen when the bossfight started but I changed it and then didn't dwell too much on which was better.

Works quite well on Linux indeed, kudos (Python 3.7).  A bit positively surprised, after having to manually fix wrongly-cased filenames and backslashed paths in several other entries.
Works great on osx 10.12, python 3.6!
Thanks, mit-mit - glad to hear it and hope you enjoyed!
(also rdb and asrp, too!)
Mostly works on Ubuntu Python 3.5. But there's a strange bug where sometimes things will be on the wrong layer. The first time I played both myself and the badgers started out behind the trees, which made it very difficult. I just restarted it and things were different. The second time myself and the enemies were all in front like normal, but all my PIPIPI shots would be in the background. This was still playable, though.

Thanks for trying it out, and letting me know Cosmologicon!

I developed the game using Python 3.7 so that's the minimum version for Time Chicken.

Of course, it would be good to know it was backward compatible but I didn't aim for that during the week as it is generally quite easy to run concurrent python versions.

The technical reason is that python 3.5 (and below) doesn't maintain order in dictionaries, so you'll get a random order for the layers in 3.5 and below. 

See Martijn Pieters answer on StackOverflow