You used KUKAREKU. It was not very effective.

Sorry to anyone who played Time Chicken and was frustrated that the "Kukareku" spell didn't work.

In the last 10 minutes before submission (as all good game-breaking stories start) I changed the image "Assets\Images\spell3.png" to be a 1x1px image so it would be invisible.

Foolish. It's too small for the spell to successfully hit anything.

Simply change the image to anything bigger than 1x1px and it will work (e.g. copy "Assets\Images\rock.png" and rename it "Assets\Images\spell3.png" or ideally replace "Assets\Images\spell3.png" with a 100x100px transparent image)

Doesn't ruin the whole game but kukareku (a high-damage, close range attack) is useless without a patch.

Thanks all!