EnigmaticArcher's entries

25 Otherworlder Universe Factory 25 3.92
23 The Final Choice Universe Factory 23 4.25
22 Dr. Zome's Laboratory Universe Factory 22 4.38
21 Shattered World Universe Factory 21 4.04

EnigmaticArcher's awards

The Nelson Mandela Peace and Reconcilliation Award for Intergalactic Cooperation and Collaboration Presented by ntoll for Otherworlder

Moebius award for story and gameplay Presented by mit-mit for Otherworlder

The zen of game :) Presented by xmzhang1 for Otherworlder

Would play on the plane Presented by speedlimit35 for Otherworlder

Best Rouge General Presented by mit-mit for The Final Choice

Generosity killed the craft Presented by Unicorn Markets for The Final Choice

Classic arcade throwback Presented by Unicorn Markets for The Final Choice

Flawless Production Presented by mit-mit for Dr. Zome's Laboratory

Dat Voice! Presented by wezu for Shattered World

Holy Cow! Presented by mauve for Shattered World