Snow Hill

Make 7 mighty wizards flow down a hill of snow on their yellow-elephants-on-rafts - by dragging them around with the mouse.

In theory clicking on / run.command / run.bat should run it under Linux / OSX / Windows - courtesy of pyinstaller. If pyinstaller does not work and you want to run it with your own Python3 things are a bit more tricky. The file to run is src/, and it will look for data in "../data" and for native libraries in the current directory.

Oh, and since I forgot to mention where any of the non-source-code files are from in the readme: Most of the meshes I made with a small tool to place 3D spheres (and boxes/cylinders/cones). The height maps are done with another small tool to create a perlin noise. Most of the sounds are from and the two music tracks are created with LMMS (using midis for the tunes). Finally, (with its official python wrapper) is used as engine.


Dwarwen Snow (it's red)
Presented by wezu

The Ice Age
Presented by gizmo_thunder

Professionally Adorable
Presented by Noelle

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Ratings (show detail)

Overall: 3.5
Fun: 3.3
Production: 3.6
Innovation: 3.7

35% respondents marked the game as not working.
Respondents: 9


File Uploader Date
allefant 2018/10/27 20:27
final submission with source and binaries for Linux/OSX/Windows
allefant 2018/10/27 20:23
allefant 2018/10/27 01:42
oh no
allefant 2018/10/26 02:37
allefant 2018/10/25 03:07
allefant 2018/10/24 02:05
allefant 2018/10/23 03:23
allefant 2018/10/22 22:56
allefant 2018/10/21 17:46

Diary Entries

day 1 - I have a black screen!

I set up a github repository and made an Allegro-Python project which can read keyboard and mouse input and... display an entirely black screen!

I also tried it on my ancient Mac and in Wine and it did work in both - so from now on I'll stay in Linux only and can keep the distribution aspect off my mind. As long as there's a Python 3 available it should at least be possible to get it working on OSX and Windows.

My plan is to have a game where you flow down a river. Let's see how much I can get done, unfortunately will have to work all week as well and not have a lot of time for pyweek.

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day 1 - I have a river!

This is actually a 3D mesh loaded from a 3D model, and drawn with a shader. Yes really :P
There's also very complex vector and camera code now allowing me to rotate and scroll - whether I'll actually need that later or not. I even just learned that Python 3 has an @ operator - I'll need to use a cross product somewhere now!

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day 2 - I have a raft on my river

There is a raft (can you see it?)
While I did enjoy playing around with multi-resolution white-noise I don't really like the result. It's also completely static so doesn't feel much like water - but I don't think I have enough time to figure out a way to make it appear flowing. I'm also a bit unsure about gameplay as of yet - my entire idea was "raft flowing on a river"... time for some more brainstorming :)


day 3 - can you flow on snow?

Since I was too lazy to change my shader to look like flowing water... you are now flowing on snow. Which has some red color you should avoid. Which in turn leads to a bit of gameplay! If I have time (haha, as if) I can make multiple levels with different types of heightmaps. Also, I'm having fun right now trying to get multiple of the purple wizards to the goal so maybe this will be final gameplay - multitask to guide several of them to flow down the snowy mountain safely. Or I might go back to the initial idea and have the other snow-raft-riders be AI control trying to beat you.

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day 4 - here be dragons

Wasted a lot of time trying to make the rafts roll left and right to align with the terrain normals... had to give up as I got more and more tired without figuring it out. However there still is progress today - to stop you from just herding them all down really slow a dragon is chasing them now and will eat anyone who is lagging behind!


day 5 - gameplay

oh no
Um, I think the yellow mage is out.

Besides the dragon's new eating habit there's now an expertly modelled pine tree (with collision detection), I made the borders of the snow slopes transparent and smoothed the height map a bit more.

I also uncovered a serious bug in the actor-matrix code - there was no way I could have got the rolling working the other day since it was all broken underneath (all matrices were transposed). Not sure how it worked at all...

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day 6 - intro and ending sequence

I didn't touch the main game itself but added two random free music tracks and some sound effects. And I created an intro sequence and an ending sequence.

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day 7 - finish

I added a "finish" sign to the end of the snow hill. Since I didn't want to mess about with fonts I built 3D models for the F, I, N, S and H keys and placed a 3D FINISH-model at the end. I also added a gameplay features, there's now hungry wolves jumping out of the hills and attacking your wizards. It's mostly untested - so either it will have little effect and you can just ignore them, or it will make it slightly harder to win :)

Anyway, I just spent hours getting pyinstaller to work. In theory you can now run the game on Linux, OSX and Windows without installing Python or any of the dependencies. I wish they would put in some effort to make this easier. Especially do not require me to access an actual OSX and Windows box to create the distribution for them - that sort of defeats the purpose. Oh well. Will see for how many people it will actually work.