day 2 - I have a raft on my river

There is a raft (can you see it?)
While I did enjoy playing around with multi-resolution white-noise I don't really like the result. It's also completely static so doesn't feel much like water - but I don't think I have enough time to figure out a way to make it appear flowing. I'm also a bit unsure about gameplay as of yet - my entire idea was "raft flowing on a river"... time for some more brainstorming :)

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What I've found in the past is that noise is a poor representation of water(though it can make a pretty good normal map component), and what you want is
for 3 arbitrarily selected points as the generation function for your heightmap to give a really effective sense of waveyness

It helps if p1, p2, and p3 are outside your rendered area.  That's still static, but if you use vertex shaders, you can easily reproduce the heightmap with a t variable to give the waves motion
Oh, and if you want the wavelength, and not just magnitude of each wave to vary effectively, you can multiply the result of distanceTo(p1) by some arbitrary constant w1
Thanks, I'll try that!

Anyway, I really need to think about gameplay before I play more with the heightmap!