April 2013 challenge: “nemesis”

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Galactic Lego

Hopefully I have enough time to get this all working to a basic level. The basic idea is you set up a spaceship out of "modules" each module will have an action key that will activate its function, there will be modules such as engines, to move your ship around, weapons and shields. You will face off against an increasingly complex and powerful enemy ship until you are destroyed. I will hopefully have a ship export function so we can see what kind of ships people come up with.

Entrant: Hugoagogo

Slicing Dicing Critter Killer 3000

Meet Pax, Science Whiz Extraordinaire Pax has been working hard to create a sustainable Energy Source on the family farm. One night working hard in his basement lab Pax formulates a crystal form; Buraxolis. A single crystal can generate enough energy to keep an entire small country (bout the size Comoros) powered for 5 years. The unfortunate side effect is that it turns the farm animals into evil geniuses & they up and go beserk! bonkers! whackadoo! Pax must keep the world safe from these crazed creatures. The solution?! Pax builds the Slicing Dicing Critter Killer 3000! Now go out there and make tartar out of those varmints!

Entrant: krusty503


Just a family guy with a full time job who will try and participate in a game jam. I'm not expecting to have a lot of time however I am most certainly looking forward to having some fun! Hopefully I will learn something new!

Entrant: dmreichard


Oh no! Your long time nemesis, a cyborg octopus monster, is plotting unspecified evil at the bottom of the ocean.

After some consideration, the worlds governments have agreed to pool their resources and send you, the hero, to put a stop to it...

Team: Mat, cardboard


its' been a while.. time to get back at it.. :D

Entrant: gizmo_thunder

Mr Octopus and his quest to get back to the Ocean

So, what's a guy in a spaceship got against octopi? Find out in the game where you beat your nemesis and find the lies about your life!

Entrant: Cody

Brick War

A simple arcade game where you must not let you stop yourself from reaching your goal.

Entrant: Tee

vengeance (working title)

stopped thinking about it and decided to just do it. :)

Entrant: Alzi


Call me Möbius...
Möbius is seeking revenge against his old nemesis: humans.

It's mainly 2 player game, but it can also be played in 1 player mode.

It requires python 2.7 and pygame 1.9 (possibly less, we haven't tested it yet)

Any feedback will be welcome.

Team: akathorn, mio85, Qvent, sneaky67

Pyweeks revenge

The revenge for pyweek. ;)

Entrant: DR0ID


Revenge against the gods. (or how to spend more time doing a synthesizer than a game).

Entrant: lucio

Master47 2

just me

Entrant: Master47

Bane's befuddlement

Bane's Befuddlement

Yet again. that annoying superhero has found and destroyed your secret lair.

This time, you were prepared. Your trusty servant, Igor, has laid out a cunning maze leading to a secret underwater submarine that will allow you to flee without being caught.

Of course, it would have been better if Igor had managed to get the map to you before things got compilcated, but the lack of a map is but a minor setback.


Git repo: here

This requires pygame 1.9.1 and kivy 1.6.0

The android zip file works with the kivy launcher - available here. It doesn't include the level editor, as I never tested it on android and it will likely break

The windows zip file is an all-in-one bundle including kviy. It should be enough to just unzip it and run the included bat file, although this has only been lightly tested.

Entrant: drnlm


Team: Catrilas, aj_2745, ABTBenjamins


Note: There is an error in the dependency list in the README file -- NumPy is NOT required.

What's the next big thing after the Large Hadron Collider? Answer: The North European Massively Enormous Synchrotron for Investigating Supersymmetry.

Over 30 times as powerful as the LHC, this behemoth sprawled across Europe will help find all the new particles predicted by the theory of supersymmetry.

But you won't get funding to build it all at once. Start small, produce a particle or two to show for your efforts, and maybe you'll get some more funds to make it bigger...

Entrant: gcewing

Stop its the Fashion Police

You are young Python - Commander of Zope which is waning in popularity.

Journey into Lord Ruby's secret lair to discover the secrets to his great success .

Play the game →

Play on Mac (.app)

includes pyglet, works on Mac, Windows and Linux

Team: jtrain, kburd, danaran, rozifus

The Sea of Good and Bad

While sailing across the Sea of Good and Bad and collecting Mana for summoning dinner you meet your Nemesis.

Team: zsombor, bejus, Forevian, Alex, hayalci, cyhawk

...As Was Foretold

You play a classic RPG boss, trying to keep the world from being destroyed by someone else - by training up a legendary hero to defeat them for you.

Team: Rectifier, BurritoAlPastor

Underworld Kerfuffle

Team: vwood, mieponcho

Acroamatic Dreamer

A small platformer that explores the idea of simultaneously controlling two characters in an asymmetric environment. As your characters commit actions, it effects the size of one or the other's viewport. You must balance acts of wrath, and fortune to avoid the fury of Nemesis.

Entrant: Joshua


Try to find Muses' elements by exploring the map with Nemesis.
Once you have at least one element from group A (left side) and one from group B (right side), you may combine them in order to activate a special action.
If you collect all the elements you can reach the final room and meet...
You may also try to free all Athena's Owls.

Team: ilseppia, circusblatta, midnightstorm, ivi

Arcanum Essentia Obscurata: Nemesis

Enter the sanctum of a long-guarded secret power. The architecture has worn and failed in several places, but the traps are still quite deadly and fully operational. Venture forth to learn the secrets of the chambers nestled deeper within and learn about the elusive Arcanum Essentia.

In this demo of "Arcanum Essentia Obscurata: Nemesis", experience the game's basic mechanics and explore the halls leading deeper into the sanctum. Navigate over fallen architecture, solve puzzles, and exploit the environment to proceed.

Please ensure that your video drivers are up to date. For the least hassle, using the installer given for your platform is highly recommended.

Team: xidram, rdb

Evil Squared

This is the page for Jjp137's entry for PyWeek 16.

Entrant: Jjp137

Nemesis vs Nemesis

Team: kent_turbo, zaptm, peskyp


Battle your arachnid sibling for control your home web. At your disposal is a versatile 'hero' and innumerable minions spawned at your nests.

Entrant: permianlizard


  • Nemesis.zip — Final Entry - Now With Licence and Readme!
Play as the Greek goddess of divine retribution and rain anvils on the heads of those who would dare mock the gods!

Entrant: Python Jedi

Jason Seagell vs Neil Catrick Harriss

We were busier this week than we thought we would be, but enjoy pooping on Barney's head for a short while! Requires the pyganim module to run the Python version

Team: reubos, archmage84

Paths of Rhamnous

If at first I don't succeed, skydiving is not for me. Pacman is now a labyrinth game and you're trying to get rid of "nemesis" balls that move just like you do while staying safe yourself.

Entrant: kuro

For Science!

Dr X and his arch-enemy Dr Z have competed for world domination over the years, until now. It's time to find out who's the Master Evil Genius. For science!

Note: although I've only marked a ZIP as final (to be included in the torrent), there are tar.gz and Windows binary bundles on the entry page!

Final gameplay video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oXhaOAJa1uw

Post compo updates: For Science!

Entrant: reidrac

Super Shop

  • super_shop_qf1.zip — fixed an embarassing bug in the credits where the background didn't clear if you played the game first before viewing the credits.
  • super_shop.zip — Super Shop
It'll probably be a lighter game than our usual entries.

Team: blakeohare, Spears Dracona, ikanreed, Satyrane, eofpi

The Beast Hunters

It is your turn to hunt the forest beast - can you succeed where the rest of your relatives have failed?

Entrant: scott


  • Erebus v2.zip — Maybe this will have more redeeming value.
  • Erebus.zip — Preemptive. Incomplete. Dissatisfied. Hoping for the best.
As you control a forming sun through space and time, you encounter another star in your wake. Vying for celestial status, the two will ultimately reach an end to your lives, as all stars do.

Entrant: Ryan42


Under a starry sky, two wizards meet to settle an age-old rivalry.

Please read the instructions carefully before playing; you won't get the right results from the lepton particle library if you don't.

Disclosure: This game builds on an unfinished scenegraph library I built before the competition by cobbling together freely-available code from the web, for things like model loading and compiling shaders. That library was published in the discussion boards more than 30 days before the competition but was not documented.

Team: mauve, arnav

Space Rotate

Space Rotate is a puzzle / arcade game. Your arch nemesis (the guy at the top of the screen!) has traveled round the galaxies of the Universe, distorting their information fields. Your job is to realign the information fields before he is able to destroy all of the information in the universe!

Entrant: jimmybob

Nemesis Card

Can you prepare against pitiless fate?

This is a resource/crafting card game for one player. Gather resources, craft them into tools, gain achievements.

But hidden in the pack are Nemesis Cards. If you draw one before you have gained the achievement which counters it, your civilisation is destroyed and you lose.

Entrant: scav

Run, Faustus, Run!

Run, Faustus, Run!: An action platformer with magic and mystery. Use your spells to escape from the demon Mephistopheles.

Team: Chard, adam, Carrie


The noble sport of Rock-Paper-Scissors improved beyond anything we ever thought possible. It's also a story about super-villains and gun control.

Entrant: Strings

The Last Thing I Do

The original idea: a side-scrolling brawler resembling something like Castle Crashers. The nemesis theme was supposed to come in as a character that would appear to randomly affect the game, whether that be by throwing bombs or buffing up monsters. I'm a university student in a Computer Science degree participating in my first game jam. The submission is nowhere close to the original vision and can hardly even be called a game (it's more of a toy really). I didn't get to the nemesis bit either, so the submission probably should be disqualified. Regardless, I participated in PyWeek 16 in hopes of having fun and learning something, and I think that definitely happened.

Entrant: Mizzinx

Avidus: Those Left Behind

The Nemesis is coming and will destroy all in its path. Nothing can stop it. Only through the sacrifice of your loyal followers can you hope to make it to safety. A top-down, crawl-and-gun, tower defense adventure.

Entrant: flyingfox

Drone Onslaught

Survive the onslaught of drones to meet your nemesis! Classic horizontal scrolling action. Use WASD to move. J to fire. m to save an in-game screenshot. F11 on menu screen to go full screen F12 to quit game Tip:Some drones need hit more than once!

Entrant: daftspaniel

Last Will of the Emtar

Last Will of the Emtar

In the far reaches of space, an amazing discovery is made: a space station constructed by the Emtar, a powerful and legendary race of aliens. It was thought that all their technology was mysteriously destroyed after the War Between the Stars 500,000 years ago. This discovery could shift the balance of power in the galaxy.

But the station is not yet operational. Go there, learn to harness the technology of the Emtar, and perhaps learn what happened to the Emtar themselves.

This is an online multiplayer tile placement tower defense game. If you have trouble, please read README.txt.

"Where's the nemesis?" you ask. I interpreted the theme abstractly: the game is about opposing forces. The fundamental mechanic of color mismatching was directly inspired by the theme. Check out my diary for more.

Entrant: Cosmologicon

Horror Vacui

First time at PyWeek!

Entrant: manthajk

Balancer Of Circles

Balancer of Circles. WASD to move. Mouse click to shoot. Do not allow circles to grow too big.

Gameplay video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GK_tNQYRUFI

Entrant: petraszd

The Nemesis Code

A hacker is trying to hack the top secret files on the Nemesis Corporation's super computer. You control a virus sent to retrieve files from the computer. Jump from file to file while avoiding firewalls and antivirus programs.

Entrant: HipetyHopit