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its' been a while.. time to get back at it.. :D


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Overall: 2.3
Fun: 2.2
Production: 1.9
Innovation: 2.8

Respondents: 14


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First screenshot
gizmo_thunder 2013/04/20 11:03
Almost Final
gizmo_thunder 2013/04/20 10:50
First check-in
gizmo_thunder 2013/04/20 09:54

Diary Entries


looks like im' not going to be able to get anything done for this pyweek.. 2 days to go and still dont' have a clue what i want to make. Hopefully ill' be able to figure out something for the 2 days.

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Interesting PyWeek

This pyweek has been full of twists and turns.. :) First i wasnt not able to come up with a good concept for the theme. Secondly the work stuff took control of my life so i had absolutely nothing till about 12 hours ago. I decided i wanted to do something of an rpg where the combat is automated but the skill of the player helps finish the enemies quicker. So that's the concept i implemented.
This isn't complete by any stretch.. there isn't any artwork i hope this is still fun to play, and some of the parts like Looting and Level upgrades are missing but you get the basic idea. 

ps: was too pre-occupied to even name my game :( 

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