PyWeek - ThEdA_P16 - feedback

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Pretty challenging on a touchpad, would be cool to have some keypad shortcuts to press the

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no sound

3 2 4

Best Instructions Evar: "Press the left mouse button to fire the ducks." Seemed nemesis-y so
there's that. I like the automated combat with skills based biasing. Some audio feedback
would be nice and maybe some immediate feedback on how well I'm doing. Perhaps a way to block
instead of just attacking? But for 48 hours, this is quite good.

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So, I really like the core concept of making patterns to attack. It could be like, wizard making
gestures to cast spells or something, I don't know. But I felt like the executing leaves
something to be desired. It needs to be more interesting than just copying your opponent's
patterns I think.

4 2 4

I absolutely mastered this game

3 2 4

Interesting combat system. I'd love to see it more fleshed out.

1 1 1

There are no instructions/requirements/license information. Run it with Pyglet 1.1.4, but
it is incomplete. Not a game :(

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The tile matching aspect is a bit simplistic, and it's a bit lacking in general flavour

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It's certainly something that I haven't seen before, but because of the simplicity of the
gameplay, it's something that I'd rather expect to see released as some sort of brain training
app than a game. It's not something that I would play for a significant period of time. For what
it's worth, if this was a 12-hour challenge, then I'd rate this significantly higher.

1 2 1

I don't understand what's going on.

4 3 4

very simple game but fun! I think the simple idea are good sometimes. I liked it.

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Hope next time you'll have more time.

2 1 2

Eh. Not much to say.

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good idea!