Space Rotate

Space Rotate is a puzzle / arcade game. Your arch nemesis (the guy at the top of the screen!) has traveled round the galaxies of the Universe, distorting their information fields. Your job is to realign the information fields before he is able to destroy all of the information in the universe!


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Overall: 3.2
Fun: 2.9
Production: 3.3
Innovation: 3.3

Respondents: 15


File Uploader Date
jimmybob 2013/04/21 17:37
final version
jimmybob 2013/04/21 08:14
jimmybob 2013/04/20 17:25

Diary Entries

Space Rotate - Done

Pyweek over, see my finished game 'Space Rotate', to play you just need to click the mouse (click on instructions on the main menu screen).  The basic game mechanic is clicking on circles in order to 'align' them - but some circles are 'connected' to some of their neighbours.  Try it - it's simpler than it sounds!

This was my first time developing a game and so I opted for something fairly minimalist.  I found that while getting the game working wasn't too hard, making the game 'fun' was quite tricky.  Fortunately I discovered this with time to spare and so was able to work on the gameplay quite a bit.  To make the levels, I wrote a quick and dirty level generator (which I haven't included in the package), and tried to order the levels produced in a sensible way.

There are 5 'galaxies' to complete in the main game, each of which consists of 10 'levels'.  Then, if you can't get enough there is a 'bonus' galaxy, which is a random selection of 10 from 300 levels, guaranteeing almost endless 'fun'.

If you manage to complete the game, I'll be impressed - the end of galaxy 4 and galaxy 5 are quite tricky!

Of course there are aspects of the game I'd like to improve, but overall I'm happy with what I've done.  Have a go and see if you like it!

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Post Judging

Well done everyone who participated.  I'd like to especially thank the people who played my game 'Space Rotate' and provided detailed feedback!

Some people seemed to find the game fun, some not so much, which I guess is normal.  It is probably not the most thrilling thing in the world!  Also, it is true that you could get pretty far by just randomly clicking.  I think I was a bit stuck between making a proper (difficult) puzzle game and making something that would be basically mindless fun, and probably the game reflects this.

I had originally hoped to add an additional game mechanic for each galaxy (as was suggested in one of the comments) but was a bit time crunched.  Also, I agree that perhaps the timer implementation is a bit harsh (per Galaxy rather than per level) and maybe the game would be better without any timer whatsoever.  There are other pretty simple improvements I could make to the visuals (e.g. using raster images rather than pygame circles) and maybe the music (thrash metal may not be suitable for a puzzle game...).  I had these thoughts during the week, but decided I needed to prioritise other things to ensure I shipped a 'finished' game.  I probably won't spend any more time making these types of improvements, but I do plan to clean up the code a bit (got a bit hectic towards the end) and release it into the void.

Overall, I achieved my goals for my first Pyweek.  I have now convinced myself I can actually make a playable game! Hopefully next time I can devote more time and go for something a bit more ambitious.

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