ok at least something to show

vengeance (working title)

stopped thinking about it and decided to just do it. :)


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Overall: 1.9
Fun: 1.3
Production: 3
Innovation: 1.5

Respondents: 14


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not even close
Alzi 2013/04/20 22:10
ok at least something to show
Alzi 2013/04/19 11:28

Diary Entries

first entry

Ok. This is my first time. I have very little experience in writing games. Did a Pac Man-clone in flash and a Pong-clone with pygame. Allways liked to try a top-down-shooter so this is it.


the idea

came up with an idea. Nemesis aka Adrasteia aka "Adra Steya" will be my protagonist.
she is a starship pilot revenging her people against the human race, the conquerors of the universe.

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some trouble with enemy movement

i wasted some time on bezier curves
wanted to move the enemy ships along bezier paths
had some trouble implementing it
decided to go to speed, angle - movement, where i transform the angle and / or the speed over time.


timing trouble and some solution

to implement the movement with speed, angle and angle changing over time, had big disadvantages in terms of controllability and timing. I found a site with for me understandable tips about splines


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some graphix and music

spent some time for interface-pixels and music - still need game sprites. ah - and a game would be nice too. :P

the song

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some sprites

some spaceships

the first 2.5 Spaceships and some stars

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not even close

Ok. I didn't make it.
I learned a lot thow, wasted way too much time on music and pixels. Should instead have spent more time on planing the whole thing. Got myself into some awful Spaghetti code.
I definitely like to finish the game and I had a lot of fun.

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speaking of motivation...

I'm very thankful, that all the judges put so much effort into this, and gave me all this feedback.
That's really a good feeling and quite a motivation to carry on with this game.
Again: thank you very much and 'til next challenge! :)

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